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;^iilU^lr^ %^ ^W^. ?Qnv^ '^^^'^ 

To i^4<k^\^'f-hK^^^. 
IKfj^ LM K^i^^ "^^h 

HtK} l^Urv^ 4^'^ a^a^a 

CohasseT high school 



We, the Class of 1973, dedicate our 
Yearbook to you, Mr. Collins, who made 
our dreams seem a little less impossible. 

"To dream the impossible dream. 
To fight the unbeatable foe. 
To bear with unbearable sorrow. 
To run where the brave dare 
not go. 

This is my quest, to follow that 

No matter how hopeless, no matter 

how far; 
To fight for the right without 

question or pause. 
To be willing to march into hell 

for a heavenly cause! 
And I know, if I'll only be true 

to this glorious quest. 
That my heart will lie peaceful and 

calm, when I'm laid to my rest. 

And the world will be better for 

That one man scorned and covered 

with scars, 
Still strove with his last ounce 

of courage 
To reach the unreachable stars. 

— Darion and Leigh 



Shtfila — Secretary Nicky — VicePresiderU Ricky — PresukrU Bonnie — Treasurer 

Mr. Collins Mr. Walsh 

Leslie Ann Ahearn 

"He who does nol understand your silence, will 
probably nol understand your words. " 
Likes — Billy, veal parmesean, tear-jerking 
books, crying at movies. Dislikes — having to go 
home just when all the fun starts, fighting, bor- 
ing classes. Remembers most — July 27, 1971, 
powderpuff. Coach Di, egging Hull's victory- 
parade. Wants to forget most — July 4, 1972, 
Oct. and Nov. 1972. Usually seen with — Billy 
and the Holy Trio. Activities — Rousers 1; Soft- 
ball 2; Marshall 3; Powderpuff 3. 4: Donkey Bas- 
ketball 4: Yearbook 4. 

David .\lexander 

To live, to exist, to experience life's anguish and 
elation is man's greatest privilege. " 
Likes — reason, invention, hikin". Dislikes — 
educational inflexibility, stale coke, busses. 
Ambition — to control the E^st Coast. Remem- 
bers most — somewhere else. Dead, .\llman 
Bros., Circle, Biscut Davis, Shine, Cambridge, 
Amsterdam. Usually seen with — Kim, Snap, 
Mike, Andrew, Todd, Jeff, Bob, Peter, Scott, 
Allen. Brian, Jim, Jerome, Smitty, JB, Jack, Ralf. 

Daniel Francis Ainslie 

"Totally ridiculous. " 

Likes — Duster 340"s, sunny days, money, CCR. 
eating, pool. Dislikes — Fords, rain, things that 
don't work right, fall. .Ambition — travel around 
the world. Remembers most — tenth grade. New 
York, June 11, Jan. 3. Wants to forget most — a 
certain street in Scituate. Usually seen with — 
Steve B. and other people. .Activities — Football 


Daniel Basmajian 

If at first you don 't succeed . . . consider making 
failure your goal. " 

Likes — people, motorcycles, action, curly hair, 
sunny days. 

Dislikes — snobs, A&P, homework, shaving. 
Ambition — to be liked by everyone. 
Remembers most — 17th birthday celebration in 

Wants to forget most — AP English, AP Calcu- 

Usually seen with — BK, DJ, Smiley, and the 

Activities — Track 2 • 4, Band 1 ■ 4, Marshalls. 

Jeffrey Ewen Badger 

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions 
perhaps it is because he hears a different drum- 
mer " 

Likes — people, music, soccer, "make me 
smile," Ali, Porsches. 

Dislikes — worrying, being sick, French, author- 
itarians, bright lights. 

Ambition — to become a millionaire lawyer. 
Usually seen with — Milhous, Sarge, Jeffy, Saw. 
Remembers most — Chicago, SSMC, THOSE, 
trespassing on a train. 
Wants to forget most — a night on a boat. 
Activities — Baseball 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4, 
Soccer 4, Band 1 - 4, Yearbook 4, Audio-Visual 
2, Activities Club 2, Camp Wing-A-Ding 2, Intra- 

James Benedict 

"J. B." 

Carl Berens 
"Unbelievable' Really?" 

Likes — sailboat raring, driving on Duxbur> 
Beach, Marshfield sand and gravel pits. Dislikes 

— Rolling cars, trees in the middle of the road. 
.Ambition — Merchant Marine. Remembers most 

— Hi's after work, scene at circle cafe. Wants to 
forget most — getting kicked out of Beechuood 
at 11:00. Usually seen with — Peter Hoffman. 
David G)gill, &)lin Francis, Black Brown, Scott 
Herzog. Activities — Hockey 1; Football 1; 
Audio- Visual 1. 2; Baseball 3. 4. 

Randall Barlow Boscow 
"Live for today — and others. " 
Likes — Biology, wine, oranges, tea. shrimp 
cocktails, storms, heavy weather sailing, fast ski- 
ing, spring skiing, the Moody Blues. Maine, wild- 
erness, philosophising, learning. Dislikes — Pro- 
crastinating, wasting time, humidity, being classi- 
fied, the ensuing rat race. Ambition — to be a 
doctor. Remembers most — everything relavent. 
Wants to forget most — nothing pertinent. Usu- 
ally seen with — other people. .Activities — Bas- 
ketball 1: Cross Country 1, 2: Track 1-3: Debat- 
ing 1, 2: Student Council 2-4; School Commit- 
tee 3, 4. 

Stephen David Blair 

Likes — Marie, Shop II class, being dismissed at 
1:30, Wood Working, oldsmobile 442. Dislikes 
— the school lunches. Fords. Ambition — 
Wood Working carpenter. Remembers most — 
skipping school in tenth grade. Wants to forget 
most — accident on Jerusalem Road. Usually 
seen with — Dan .Ainslie. 

1 • 

Nancy Marie Bowen 

"We need to have people who mean something to 
us, people to whom we can turn knowing that 
being with them is coming home. " 
Likes — art, sunshine, deserted beaches, "livin," 
the kids at work. Dislikes — clics, math, bells 
and clocks, being patted on the head, ravers. 
Ambition — to be 5 ft. tall, have time to do what 
I want, visit Maine, pass math for the year. 
Remembers most — July 27, 1971, J.T.'s birth- 
day party, classes at Mass. Art, Variety Show, 
Wants to forget most — Spring "72", Political 
issues "72". Usually seen with — Debbie N., 
Pickle. Activities — Rousers 1, 4, Powderpuff 3, 
4, Cheerleader 2. 

Gregory David Brown 
"Raoul," "Smiley" 
"Every one has the potential to be a smiley " 
Likes — autonomous smiles and sophisticated 
bull. Ambition — to be a lumberjack. Remem- 
bers most — 3 on a bike, "Fi-dolla", five in a 
Fiat, doing flips over fences, no-handed wheelies. 
Usually seen with — any number of assorted 
people. Activities — Ski Club 1, 2: Golf 2; Gym- 
nastics 2: Track 3, 4; Soccer (psyching capt.) 4; 
Polar Bear Club 4; Student Council 4. 

Carold Henry Browncll 

"Once you have missed the first buttonhole, you'll 
never manage to button up. " 

Likes — swimming, the <)c<'an, snow, lilllc puns, 
big snow storms. Dislikes — poor slobs, work. 
Ambition — to swim the English Channel. 
Remembers most — short summers. Usually 
seen with — people. 

Thomas Francis Calorio 
"Tom", "Ike" 
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. " 
Likes — Dick Bulkus, the bearh. Chink food, 
coming in late, football, "The Beach Boys", sing- 
ing in practice. Dislikes — dubs, the morning 
after, cold days up the field, Bessie in the cold. 
Ambition — to work with people. Remembers 
most — Bessie, 3/1/72. Wants to forget most 
— A Big Mac. Usually seen with — Sandy, 
Sam, Liv. Boru. Activities — Football 1-4 (co- 
Capt.); Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Marshall 1- 
3: Weightlifting 3; Senior Class Play 4. 

William Beaudet Carter 
"Sandy " 

"You only go around ome in life so grab for all 
the gusto you can. " 

Likes — R. T., beaches, boats, sleeping late, 
P.^RTIES, the summer, graduating from C.H.S., 
1949 Jeep Truck, music, cruising. Dislikes — 
snobs, going dry on weekends, being awakened 
at 6:30 by a friendly policeman, small town gos- 
sip, being a little lirother, mosquitoes. Remem- 
bers most — 6/12/71, the last two summers, 
the back room, sneaking out with Kevin, parties 
at Allan's — "68". sleeping at Bassin's Beach, a 
person in Switzerland. Wants to forget most — 
getting suspended, sleeping on Gov't Rock, going 
to high school at CHS. .Ambition — to become a 
D.U.M.. be happy, to travel. Usually seen with 
— Robin. Boru. Dixy. Tom. Activities — Foot- 
ball 1, 3; Lacross 1 (at Tabor Academy): Track 
2; Marshall 3. 

Jo Ann Churchill 
"Peanut," "Jo" 
"So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, 
there's so much left to know, and Fm on the road 
to find out. " 

Likes — riding motorcycles, horses, HD's, sunny 
days, being happy. Dislikes — Guidance, being 
without. Remembers most — summers, good 
times, parties, Honda 175, wasted times. Ambi- 
tion — to see the world. 

Andrew Charles Cifrino 
"Andy," "Andranoid" 

"There are none so quoteless as those who do not 
quote. " 

Likes — fellow Doomites, the candy man, pes- 
tering, gravity. 

Dislikes — disobedient teachers, rulturally 
deprived guidance, sarcasm — hippies. 
Remembers most — the day the water tower 
blew up. 

Wants to forget most — people who don't 
remember the day the water tower blew up. 
Usually seen with — a cloud. 


Mary Kimball Chittim 
"Life is short; live it up!" 

Likes — the Jets, horses, sports, ice cream, 
music, roast beef subs. 

Dislikes — the Patriots, brussel sprouts, golf, 
unsafe drivers. 

Remembers most — losing $6 worth of subs. 
Wants for forget most — Marshfield Fair. 
Usually seen with — Scamp. 
Activities — (Transfer student from Longmea- 
dow High School) Homecoming Finalist 4. 

David Anthony Cifrino 

"// i.v impossible to learn anything if you think 
you know it already. " 

Likes — orange juice, Cohasset, golf, Anhciscr 
Busch, skiing, Chinese food, parties, tennis, the 
beach, roast beef subs. 

Dislikes — coconut, three pulling, four putting, 
dubs, curfews, Al's. 

Ambition — to sit on the Sui>reme Court. 
Remembers most — the summer of "72." 
Wants to forget most — 9/19/71. 
Usually seen with — John P., Jon R., Brian H., 
Nick R., and other ravers. 

Activities — Football 1 ■ 4, Golf 1, 2, 3 (Co- 
Capt.), 4 (G)-Capl.), Basketball 1, 2, Marshal 1, 
4, Senior Class Play 4, Ski Club 2 ■ 4, Band 1 ■ 

David Copill 

"She's not worth uriting home to mother about." 
Likes — hanging around Beerhwood corner, 
blondes, working for Carl, pumping station. Dis- 
likes — being home early, getting kicked off 
Beechwood corner. Ambition — to get a "Hal- 
Trick." Remembers most — Summer of '72, the 
mountain, the gate. WanLs to forget most — New 
York. Usually seen with — anyone from Beech- 
wood. Activities — Spectator 1-4. 

Suzanne Cone 

'/ am not inferior; I am not superior: I am just 

Likes — friendly people, to get rah rah, clean 
drive-in movies, to go Chinkin", to see everybody 
happy, to rap. Dislikes — being unhappy, pho- 
nies, rainy days, Mondays, zils, being broke, 
being formal. Ambition — to experience all I 
can. to live in a plush apartment. Remembers 
most — summer of '69,' Cousin Pat and parties, 
good parties. Wants to forget most — stupid 
mistakes, judging people wrongly, embarrassing 
moments. Usually seen with — Helene C cous- 
ins. J.C., neighbors. 

Susan Coleman 
"By walking I found out 
u here I was going. 
By intensely hating, how to love 
By loving, whom and what to love 
By griet ing. how to laugh from the belly 
Out of infirmity. I have built strength 
Out of untruth, truth. 
From hypocrisy, I ueaved directness. 
Almost now I know the boldness to be that person 
Another step 

And I shall be where I started from. " 

1 1 


Mary Catherine Cotter 

"Thf best way to keep friends is not to f^ve them 
away. " 

Likes — B.C.. Derek, cold sunny days, snow- 
men. Bread, watermelon, being a Leo. Dislikes 
— total tickoffs, persersions, hospitals, gym, wet 
mittens, colds, succotash. Ambition — to con- 
vince Mr. Collins B.C. is better than the Cross. 
Remembers most — Hawaii, English lOA, Coa< h 
Di, egging Hull's victory parade. Wants to forget 
most — May 1972. SHD "69. Awards Assembly, 
ice cream and .saurkraut, WYP. Usually seen 
with — the other two of the Holy Trio, Judy, 
Billy, Les. Activities — Yearbook 3-4 (Co- 
Editor); Student Council 3, 4 (Vice Pres.); Soft- 
ball 1. 2; Basketball 3; Marshall 3; Activities 
Committee 1, 2; Powderpuff 3, 4; Senior Class 
Play Committee 4. 


Linda Grace Conte 
\^'Lyn," "Pinda" 
"All that glitters is not gold. " 
Likes — Mr. Fortin, Hockey, football, A&P. 
Rolling Stones, the beach, blondes, taking long 
walks, summer, parties, sentimental things, 
dreams, driving, and having fun. Dislikes — say- 
ing good-bye, elevators, being sad, orals, flirts, 
fakes, inconsiderate people and tests. Ambition 

— to be a teacher and help people in some way. 
Remembers most — 8th grade, French, Canada, 
Mr. Fortin, Mr. Fed, and Mr. Reade, our parties. 
Wants to forget most — "nothing", I want to 
remember anything. Usually seen with — Susan, 
Paula, Katie, Nat, Karla, and Sharon. Activities 

— Rousers Club 1^ (Pres.); French Club 2-3; 
Spanish Club 3-4; Future Teachers 3-4; Powder- 
puff Football 3-4; Softball 1; Marshall 3. 

Vaughn Di al 
"Monkey," "Big Deal" 
Likes — student-faculty volleyball games, coun- 
try music. Dislikes — French. Ambition — to 
become a millionaire. Remembers most — Isl 
year Freni b, freshman basketball trips. Wants to 
forget most — 3r(l year F^iglish. Usually seen 
with — Paul, Randy. Activities — Track 2-4; 
Basketball 1-4. 

Kendall de Long 

"/ was bom evil: ic hat good I hat e was acquired". 
Likes — meeting people, hissing (in or on any- 
thing). Europe, and concerts. Dislikes — being 
hassled, pessimism, gym. idealists, hatred of one- 
self and others. Ambition — To have my own 
leather shop on the Canadian border: making 
and selling leather, to be a dancer, drummer, 
singer, and to live my life to the fullest. Usually 
seen with — .Mary. Di. Debbie. Bill. Dord, 

Paula Ann D Onofrio 
Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles 
have been. " 

Likes — to make people happy, to feel needed, 
friendly people, dumb jokes, puppies, cute little 
kids, blue eyes, privacy, strawberries. Dislikes — 
being confined, coldness, not knowing, people 
who talk behind backs, spinach, feeling 
depressed, losing something, over protection. 
Ambition — to be someone special, to fly. 
Remembers most — P.D. + B.R.. L.C. + B.M.. 
the Bulldog and Mr. Reade. Mr. Gilmartin s 
jokes. Squinlz. Mrs. Thompson s talks, deciding 
what to do. hockey games. Wants to forget most 
— the way I sometimes act — real dumb. Usu- 
ally seen with — L.L.S.S. K.K.N. N. Activities — 
Rousers 1- 3: Powderpuff 3: Future Nurses 4: 
Spanish Club 3; French Club 3; Softball 1, 2; 
Chorus 3, 4. 

Celine Teresa DeSantis 

"The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get." 
Likes — pottery, movies, photography, kong. 
The Sational Lampoon, Bogart, old houses. 
.Ambition — To beat Ben at chess, to give organ- 
ization a chance. Remembers most — the art 
room. .Activities — Spanish Club 3. 4: Student 
Social Action 3, 4; Variety Show 3. 

Jeffrey Allen Donze 

Oh I'm on my way I hnou- I am. someu here nol 
so far from here. All I know is what I feel right 
now, I feel the power growing in my hair. Sitting 
on my own not by myself, everybody's here with 
me. I don 't need to touch your face to know, and I 
don't need to use my eyes to see. I keep on won- 
dering if I sleep too long, will I even wake up the 
same (or soj? And keep on wondering if I sleep 
too long; will I even wake up again nr something. 
Oh I'm on my way I know I am. hut times there 
were when I thought not . . . 

Paul Michael Donavan 

"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of 

Likes — friends, raving, Cohasset, the ocean, 
hockey, good parties, summer, storms, Heming- 
way, islands. Dislikes — stonewalls and barbed- 
wire fences. Ambition — to know a little bit 
about everything. Remembers most — motorcy- 
cle accident. Jack's VW, summer of '71, the 
mast, all the good times, with all the good peo- 
ple. Usually seen with — Willy, Liv, and the 
rest of the boys. Activities — Student Council 1- 
3: class Vice Pres. 2, 3: PAC 3, 4; Marshal 2-4: 
hockey 1-4; track 1: football 1. 

Jill Ann Duncan 

"/ yu.s/ know we're going to get caught." 
Likes — the Latin quarter, driving on clear 
nights, pancaking, real people, the criminal mind 
of Lladnek. Dislikes — egomaniacs, getting 
caught, "No Fault Insurance," research papers. 
Ambition — to see the world and to marry an 
eighty year old millionaire with a heart condi- 
tion. Remembers most — Paris in April, 750 
crushes, the Mad Mustang, little brother and his 
a< ( ornplices. Wants to forget most — disc over- 
ing thai 1 wasn't going al my going away party, 
three accidents. Usually se<'n with — Lladnek, 
and the Dordmohile or Anni-tte, Beth, and Mau- 
reen. Aiiivilies — Chess 4. 

Paulelte Madeliene Dusossoit 

"You're wrong " means "I don't understand you" 
— I'm not seeing what you're seeing. But there is 
nothing urong u ilh you, you are simply not me 
and that's not wrong. 

Likes — musir. Sunlight kids. Amy. Krunchead. 
Applehead. Mr. Malick. Dislikes — arguing with 
Amy, being embarrassed. .Ambition — to be a 
good cook. Remembers most — N.S.F.G.. Sun- 
light, mussel parties. Wants to forget most — 
wasting time. 9th grade. 

Barrie .Anne Faber 

"Everything that lives, lives not alone. " 
Likes — David, field hockey, storms, skiing, 
suntans. Phil E^posito. Dislikes — losing, wait- 
ing, hassles, tie games, apathetic people. .Ambi- 
tion — to make it through law school. Remem- 
bers most — June 16. 72. September 9. 72. 
field hockey "72". Wisconsin. Powderpuff "72." 
Wants to forget most — .August '71. Sleeze City. 
Usually seen with — Mimo. THE LIFEGUARD 
BRUTE, cheerleaders. .Activities — Field 
Hockey 1-4: Basketball 1-3; Powderpuff 4; Ski 
Club 1-4: Marshall 2. 3: Dance Committee 1. 2; 
Cheerleading 4. 

.Anne Elizabeth Enos 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. " 
Likes — sports. Daytona Beach, crisp autumn 
days, spring water, baseball people. Dislikes — 
anything to do with math, making certain deci- 
sions, saying goodbye, eggs. .Ambition — to 
become a nurse clinician. Remembers most — 
Powderpuff. field hockey champs. 11 a. Man- 
chester Banquet. Wants to forget most — braces, 
a disappointment in "71", the net incident. Usu- 
ally seen with — Mrs. T. and the health room 
gang. .Activities — Band 1-4: Chorus 3. 4: Field 
Hockey 1-4; Softball 1-2. 3 (manager); Future 
Nurse's Club 3. 4; Health Room Aide 3. 4: Pow- 
derpuff 3. 4; Rousers 14: AFS Club 1-3: AFS 
Finalist 1971; Student Secretary 1-3. 

Susan Elizabeth Fernalld 
"Susan," "Shani" 
"How much more there is nou to til ing! Instead 
of our drab slogging forth and back to the fishing 
boats, there's a reason to life! We can lift our- 
selves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as 
creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. 
We can be free! We can learn to fly!" 



Jayne FigucircHo 
"What I don't know won't hurt.' 
I.iki's — warm sunny days, hcing happy, skiing, 
hciiig hoiiir alone, having J. P., happy suns, lele- 
phones, long walks, being myself. 
Dislikes — fast cars, fighting with my family, 
work, friz/ weather. 

Ambition — to find happiness .somewhere. 
Keinembers most — Bridge '69, not going to: 
M hool, speed racer, July 11, '72, Sugarloaf, Jo's 

Wants to forget most — school, Hull, B.B.A.. 
bad times. 

Usually seen with — Nancy, and whoever 

A< tivilies — Ski Club 2; Field Hockey 1; Fielci 
Hockey Manager 2. 

Joseph Fisher 

"Hey. you should see the neu guitar I just got! I 
wish I could afford a Hammond!" 
Likes — Hammond Organs, Gibson Guitars, 
Hair, German food, Dom Silvano. studies, Satur- 
days. DisHkes — cigarettes. Spirit of Comedy, 
rain, indecision, work, people smarter than me. 
.Ambition — to play guitar better than Chip. 
Remembers most — Mr. Sheehan's 11th grade 
homeroom. Wants to forget most — Bats. Usu- 
ally seen with — anyone really into music. 
Activities — S.H. Chorus 2-4; Senior Ensemble 
3. 4. 

Kathleen Ann Fox 
"Foxy Lady" 
Of all the gifts that a providence grants us to 
make life full and happy, friendship is the most 
beautiful. " 

Likes — being independent, talking to strangers, 
doing everything, riding bikes, walking to the 
beach, rainy days, sunny days, snowy days. Dis- 
likes — bubble busters, being told to do some- 
thing, ending of summers. Ambition — to be a 
black belt in Karate and to ride cross country on 
a bike. Remembers most — trips to Martha's 
Vineyard, Social Action, summers with Linda, a 
Raleigh Budge, Black Rock Beach. Wants to for- 
get most — eighth grade, falling off bicycles. 
Usually seen with — free thinking people. Activ- 
ities — Social Action 4; Powderpuff 2; Class 
Play 4: Polar Bear Club 4. 

Katherine Veronica Filzpatrick 

"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to 
humanity. " 

Likes — stupid jokes, people at the Hingham 
A&P, remembering funny things, old T.V. 
shows, sledding, my friends, Mr. Collins and Mr. 
Reade, parties on the hill, trick-or-treating. Dis- 
likes — fat legs, 9th grade English, chewing, 
conceited people, cold toes, oral reports, getting 
up, small towns, going to the dentist. .Ambition 
— to conduct an orchestra. Remembers most — 
Mrs. Kock's attack, 7th grade geography, Linda's 
birthday parly, Boltze and Philla, "We've been 
robbedl" Usually seen with — Linda, Nat, 
Sharon, Karia, Sue. .Activities — Drama Club 1; 
Activities Committee 1, 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; 
Powderpuff 3, 4; Rousers 1-4; Variety Show 3; 
Donkey Basketball 4. 


Colin Michael Francis 

"See ya later!" 

Likes — the beach, light brown hair, yellow- 
green eyes, night, Neil Young music, electric 
guitar, fast money and women. 
Dislikes — Hull, waking up Sunday morning, 
V.W., being at the wrong place at the wrong 

Remembers most — the mountain, summer 

"72," Mr. MacDonald, Scituate. 

Wants to forget most — the mountain, "Circle 


Usually seen — in Beechwood. 

Ambition — carpenter, musician, service (army). 

Activities — Football 1; Baseball 1. 

John Francis 

Thomas Lawrence Glynn 

Likes — skiing, driving, running. 

Dislikes — having nothing to do, losing X-coun- 

try meets. 

Ambition — to fly. 

Remembers most — 1972 X-country dinner. 
Wants to forget most — last trip to Fronlenac. 
Usually seen with — former X-country runners. 
Activities — Track 2 - 4; X-Country 3, 4; Senior 
Class Play. 


Rolf Norman Gjesleby 

' Weter do today uhat can be put off till tomor- 
row. " 

Likes — skiing in Noruay. Norwegian . . . girls. 
Dislikes — 57 Chevy, blowing up. Ambition — 
to fly submarines. Remembers most — direrting 
traffic in New Hampshire. Wants to forget most 
— blowing up at Bleakie's. Usually seen with — 
Krunrh-head, pirate. Saw, and Chicken Gumbo. 
.Activities — Cross Country 4; Polar Bear Club 
4; Cross-Country Skiing 3. 

Marianne .Alice Haskell 

"To live simply yet deeply." 

Likes — David, J.S., laughter, friendly people, 
future plans, hockey, sailing, rain. Dislikes — 
being alone, cruel people, goodbyes, not having 
the class of 72 around. .Ambition — to be an 
R.N. with a B.S. at Shriner's Hospital. Remem- 
bers most — Barrie. Coach Di, Mr. Fed., chil- 
dren's. Eric, "Natal." Wants to forget most — 
hearing about a certain someone from the doc- 
tors. Usually seen with — Barrie. Activities — 
Basketball 1. 2: Field Hockey 2: Dance Commit- 
tee 2, 3; Marshall 3: Powderpuff 3. 4; Ski Club 
2. 3, 4; Cheerleader 3. 

Annette Marie Hayden 

"She speaketh not and yet there lies a conversation 
in her eyes. "' 

Likes — Mike, owls, purple, swimming on a hot 
summer night, walking on an autumn day. shuf- 
fling your feet through the leaves. Filene's base- 
ment on bargain day. Dislikes — winter and 
snow, moving, getting caught for skipping school, 
going to the dentist. .Ambition — to graduate 
and get a decent job. Remembers most — the 
Beach Boys concert, the Four Seasons concert, 
having my boyfriend buy me a car. learning how- 
to drive a motorcycle. Wants to forget most — 
the summer of 70. Usually seen with — lots of 
different friends. 



Scott Aulher Thomas Herzog 

"The easy life is the relaxed life." 
Likes — Beechwood football games, being out- 
side, fishing and hunting, the Three Stooges. Dis- 
likes — rainy days, finding out my car is dead. 
Ambition — to be a success in whatever I do. 
Remembers most — "pizza in Wayland," "Cape 
2," "65 Plymouth," nights and weekends at 
Beechwood Ball Park, Halloween Pumpkin con- 
tests. Wants to forget most — wish I never got 
dog biscuits. Usually seen with — the Beech- 
wood gang. 


Fredrick Chester Higgins 

Likes — Laurie, motorcycles, Plymouth Fury 
in, the beach on rainy days, MacDonald's, being 
with Laurie, D.B. jokes, real people. Dislikes — 
walking, boring days, moody people, accidents, 
doing homework, fakes. Ambition — to buy a 
car that doesn't use gas! Remembers most — 
summer of 72, accidents. Wants to forget most 
— 3/23/72, 4/29/72, accidents. Usually seen 
with — Laurie. 

Robert Joseph Higgins 
"Bob" "La" 

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I 
am for myself alone, what am I? If not now, 

Likes — guitar, music. Chicago, sports, Celtics. 
Dislikes — mornings, mowing lawns, moody 
people. Bruins, Derek. Ambition — to be a pro 
sports reporter. Remembers most — Mr. Collins' 
English, "Make Me Smile." Wants to forget most 
— Chunky's fudge factors, false accusations. 
Usually seen with — the guys, whoever is 
around. Activities — Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2- 
4; Band 1-4; Camp Wing 2, 3; A.F.S. 3; Newspa- 
per 4. 

Kathrvn Beecher Hood 

Likes — lobster, rats, my flute, discussions, 
mountain climbing, dachshunds, the ocean. Dis- 
likes — intolerance, being late. Ambition — to 
be happy. Remembers most — The Group, the 
Rat Room, Y.P.F., Christmas vacation '71. 
Wants to forget most — writing research papers. 
Usually seen with — everybody. Activities — 
SSAC 1, 2; Band 1; Tutoring in Roxbury 3; 
A.F.S. 3. 

Peter R. Hoffman 

"The best exercise for the heart is kindness 
towards others. " 

Likes — trucks, motorcycles, easy work, good 
food, and beer. Dislikes — getting up early in 
winter. Ambition — get out of Massachusetts 
and be successful. Remembers most — 8:30 cof- 
fee break. Wants to forget most — getting up at 
7:00, school lunches. UsualK' seen with — Carl 
at the Circle Cafe. 


Diane Joyrc Howorlh 

"Only the beginning of what I want to fed for- 
ever. " 

Likes — Dennis Michael Dooley, summer, the 
Beach Boys, Chicago, skiing, shopping, good 
limes, my only sister. DisHkes — goodbyes, 
unfriendly people, flirts. Ambition — to be a life 
guard on a Florida beach. Remembers most — 
April 16, 1972, 5/30/72, Fleo's, The Cliff, The 
Ranch House, swimming in Scituate. Wants to 
forget most — the past up to 4/16/72. Usually 
seen with — Dennis, Patty and Infa, friends. 
Activities — Field Hockey 2 (mgr.); Activities 
Committee 1, 2; Cheering 1, 4; Powderpuff 3, 4; 
Rousers 4: Ski Club 1-4; Class Dance 1-4 

Stephen E. Hubbell 

"Some people see things as they are and say 
Why? I see things that never were and say Why 

Likes — skiing, sailing, soccer, C.S.C. 72, snowy 
days in the mountains. Park City, Roberts" par- 
ties. Dislikes — rainy days in winter, having 
nothing to do. Ambition — to attend the 
U.S.C.G.A. Remembers most — Utah 72. Wants 
to forget most — days ruined by "Hermi" Usu- 
ally seen with — Jon, John, Jon, Tony, Nick. 
Activities — Ba.sketball 1-3; Senior Class Play 2, 
4; Stage Band 2, 4; Band 1-4; Soccer 4 

Carol Elisabeth Hurtig 

"The best /mrtion of one man's life is his little . 
nameless unrrmrmbered acts of kindness. " 
Likes — Maine fog, Andrew Wyeth, canoeing, 
seagulls. Dislikes — sleeping late, fighting, rainy 
summers. Ambition — to canoe the Allagash 
an<l Colorado Rivers. Remembers most — April 
vacation 72, league championship. Wants to for- 
get most — progressions, writing (lapers for Mr. 
C. Activities — A.F.S. 3; Field Hockey 3, 4; 
Track 3, 4; Powderpuff 4; Yearbook 4. 

Charles David Infusino 

"Since ihe house is on fire; lei's warm ourselves." 
Likes — Patty, sports, football games, music, 
good raves and good ravers. Dislikes — people 
playing the role, practices, conceited people. 
Ambition — to be happy with life. Remembers 
most — playing at Boston Garden, summers of 
71, 72. S.S.M.C. Wants to forget most — 1972 
Batting Average. L.O. Usually seen with — 
Patty, Tom, and The Men, Dennis and Diane. 
Activities — Football 1; Activities Committee 2; 
Marshall 3 (capt.); Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4. 

Deborah .Ann Jones 

"Respect is whal we owe: Love what we give. " 
Likes — Chink food. Beach Boys, weekends, the 
beach, Jello. Dislikes — Hassles, losing football 
games, goodbyes, Monday mornings. .Ambition 
— be happy. Remembers most — Bread. Tom 
Rush. Beach Boys. Eileen's party, powderpuff 
72. Kevin. Wants to forget most — a certain 
night last summer. Usually seen with — Anne, 
Eileen, Beth, Maureen, Jacky, Margaret. Activi- 
ties — Band 1-4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Cheering 4; 
Class Play 4. 

Daniel Charles Jones 

"So live that you can look any man in the eye 
and tell him to go to hell. " 

Likes — skiing, dirt bikes, BMW's, weekends. 
Dislikes — Rickman Transmissions. Hanover 
Suzuki, rainy snow storms. Ambition — to 
become National Exhibition Skiing Champ. 
Remembers most — raving at Frontenac, Gunza, 
"Fi-dolla." Wants to forget most — Gaucho. 
Middleboro crash, bussing at Inn. Usually seen 
with — Raoul, Donny, Baz. Pete. Activities — 
Golf 1-4: Soccer 4; Computer Science Club 4. 

David Karoff 
"Hey Babe, do you want to boogie?" 
Likes — J.D.G., the Snoid, King Crimson, my 
pipe, my dog. Dislikes — listening to Bill Lord 
play his guitar. Ambition — to settle down and 
marry a voluptuous Radcliffe graduate. Remem- 
bers most — camping and being sophisticated. 
Wants to forget most — sawdust. Usually seen 
with — acne. Activities — Troll 1-3; S.S.A.C. 1- 
3; P.A.C. 4; Cross Country 1, 2; High Times 4; 
Polar Bear Club 4; A.F.S. 3; Drama Club 4; Stu- 
dent Council 1; Variety Show 3, 4. 

Marcia Ann Jordan 

Knowledge proceeds from "What am I?" lo "I do 
not know what I am. " to between "Perhaps I am 
not" and "I will find myself" to between "I will 
find myself and 'I am", to "I am what I know 
myself to be" to I am. " 

William Kearney 

Likes — cars, fishing, skating, special foods, 
good raving, boats, parties, school, sleeping, cold 
wi'ather. Dislikes — ravers, mopers, rain, taking 
orders from people, my boss. Ambition — to go 
into the Navy; earn $10,000 and spend it. 
Remembers most — summer 72, July 16, 1972. 
Wants to forget most — P.A., English. Usually 
seen with Sam, Tom. 



Stephen Nirholas Keefe 
"The Beave" 
La longua es la l it a. " 
Likes — the Mother Ocean, Vlad the Impaler, 
Rocky Beach, my surfboard, Jim's surfboard, 
S.A.G., bullfrogs. Dislikes — dingo boots, cold 
water, .\mbition — to sleep on Castle Bathory. 
Remembers most — sleeping on Castle Dracula. 
Wants to forget most — lonely eighth graders in 
dingo boots and knee-high bell bottoms. Usually 
seen with — the cavemen. .Activities — Track 1, 
2; United Arab League 3; Soccer 3: Marshall 1- 
4; Student Council 4 (Pres.); .\.F.S. 3: Language 
Lab 2; Principals Advisory Comm. 4. 

Bonnie Lee Kehoe 

"Happiness sneaks in throufth a door you didn l 
hnou you left open. " 

Likes — friends who try their hardest to under- 
stand, Mutha Magoo. impossible dreams. Coach 
Di, Hawaii. Bill Bixby. Dislikes — people who 
chew ice cubes, protruding egos, pea green any- 
thing, running out of gas, huffiness. bug boy 
pants, hate complexes. .Ambition — to under- 
stand and be understood; to solve the mystery of 
the stained jacket. Remembers most — Mr. 
Reade, the red boat incident, egging Hull's vic- 
tory parade. Hank's parties. Thanksgiving '72. 
Wants lo forget most — Gov't Island, the man in 
his underwear, telling Mr. C about the R&R 
affair. Usually seen with — the rest of the Holy 
Trio, Leslie. Judy, Billy. .Activities — Class Sec. 
1; Class Treas. 2-4; Cheerleader 2, 3; Rousers 1, 
2, 4; Powderpuff 3. 4; .Activities Comm. 1. 2; 
Marshall 3: Donkey Basketball 4; Class Play 
Selection Comm. 4; Yearbook 4. 

Kathleen .Ann Kellev 
"Kell." "Kathy" ' 
"With all its sham, drudgery- and broken dreams, 
it is still a beautiful world. " 

Likes — sunny days in summer, snowy days in 
winter, Cohasset. sailing, skiing, working at the 
Sailing Club, Chink food, lightnings, being with 
people I like. Dislikes — being gullible, Mr. Col- 
lin's English papers, running in the rain, losing, 
snowless Christmases, llO's. .Ambition — to sail 
on the ocean racers. Remembers most — sum- 
mer of '72, Marblehead. double-overtime hockey 
game against Marshfield, victory parade after 
Hull game. Homecoming Dance '7L Wants to 
forget most — Berta's party. 9th grade jamboree, 
X-country practice, sleeping on Bassing's Beach, 
Feb. 16, 1972. Usually seen with — Nina, 
Berta, Willy. .Activities — Field Hockey 1, 2; 
Softball 1; Cheerleader 1; Track 3, 4; Cross 
Country 4: Marshall 3; Ski Club 1. 2; Powder- 
puff 3, 4t Girls' State Representative 3; National 
Honor Society 3, 4. 


Bruce Edward Kiley 

"All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams 
thai untrai eled world, whose margin fades forever 
and forever when I move. " 

Likes — travel, open spaces, rainy nights, boats, 

new cars, Celtics, bikes, ocean, trails. 

Dislikes — waiting, being cramped, inspiring 

phrases and cliches. 

Ambition — to live in Europe. 

Remembers most — African freighter, bike trip 

to Cape. 

Wants to forget most — a certain roof. 
Usually seen with — Baz, B.H., and K.O. 
Activities — Track 2 - 4, Soccer 4; Band 1 • 4; 
Debating 1, 2; Newspaper 4. 

Stephen Paul Kelley 

"It is not how long life is, but how life is lived. " 
Likes — M.B., snowstorms, the Cape, music, 
weekends, meatball subs. Dr. Pepper. 
Dislikes — being hassled, buses, rainy summer 
days, Monday mornings, boring classes. 
Ambition — to own a Mercedes Benz. 
Remembers most — freshman year. Shop 

Wants to forget most — a bus trip to Fla., IPS. 
Usually seen with Phil. 

Christopher Paul Duggan 

"/ never fountl a companion so companionable as 
solitude. " 

Likes — the ocean, mountains. 
Usually seen with ~ a few nice chicks. 
Activities - Track 2 - 4; SSA 4; Class Play 4. 

Michelle Marie Kjer 

"Maybe tomorrow Fll find my way to the land 
where the honey runs in rivers each day. And the 
sweet tasting good life is so easily found. Way 
over yonder — that's where Fm bound." 
Likes — Wisconsin, watermelon stix. snatching, 
fantasy lands, big snowflakes. Chink food. Dis- 
likes — confining places, "hassles," doubtful 
attitudes, wasting time, pink chocolate, thumbs 
on the chest. Ambition — to be there on 7-7-77 
and attend B.R.U. Remembers most — The 
Brewster Road, coconut cakes on doorsteps. New 
Years '70, Scituate, Jumper-cable cops. Wants to 
forget most — Aug. 27, '71. not seeing them 
when, losing my brain in the Aquarius theatre. 
Big B.. Oct. and Aug.. my French pictures. Usu- 
ally seen with — Sharon. Kathy. Activities — 
Activities Comm. 2; Drama Club 4. 

Jaqueline Kurtz 

"When God puts a tear in my e^e it's because he 
wants to put a rainbow in my heart. " 
Likes — parties, the beach, going barefoot, rav- 
ing with Fleo. reminiscing and having something 
to do. Dislikes — losing bets to Bon. exagger- 
rated raves, impatient people, having the mun- 
chies and waiting. ."Vmbition — to be a coach of 
a football team. Remembers most — Linsley's 
rock, shangri-la, weekends at Bev's. old gang at 
Sawyers. Halloween 71. 72. Wants to forget most 
— double date with Brian and Karen, p's and 
q's, GE light bulbs. B.C.. week at Mimo's, 12/2/ 
72, 11/23/72. Usually seen with — Susan, Bev- 
erly, Karen or cheering gang. Activities — Field 
Hockey 2; Basketball 1-3; Cheerleader 4; Rous- 
ers 4. 

Linda Kraft 

"Life is divided into two halves, one frozen, the 
other half aflame: the burning half is love. " 
Likes — Soupy, shotguns, Jim Dandy's. 4-River 
Bridge, kronki-ronki. little things, apple cores. 
Dislikes — eating, school, hassling with Mr. Di., 
Tuesdays. Ambition — to go sky-diving. Remem- 
bers most — the hill, the day Soup's Ford blew 
up. custard. Dunkin' Donuts with Mary. Wants 
to forget most — everything. Usually seen with 
— Soupy, Valerie. Mary or Ken. 


Joan Lantz 

"Joansie, Joannie" 

"// a person truly believes in something and it is 
wrong, the person is 100% correct because he 
believes it. " 

Likes — Jay, my friends, J and J"s MG. Dislikes 

— C.H.S., relatives, unreliable people. Ambition 

— good wife. Remembers most — Dec. 28, '71; 
my mother, Jan. 16, 72. Wants to forget most 

— everything before Dec. 28, 71. Usually seen 
with — Jay. 

Karen Linsley 
"Kari T.G." 

"Be wise, look ahead. Use your eyes, be straight, 
think right- But I might die tonight!" 
Likes — Cat Stevens, skiing, field hockey, sail- 
ing, whist. Dislikes — 28 B, squishy milk. 
Remembers most — Cranberry Acres 71, 11a, 
Shangri-la, Field Hockey Champs, C.Y.C., Guid- 
ing Light. Wants to forget most — Huh Karen, 
double date with Jacky and Donny. Usually seen 
with — Susan, Beverly, Jacky. Activities — 
Field Hockey 2-4; Basketball 1, 2; Ski Club 1-4. 

Robert David Londergan, Jr. 
"Hondo, Dub, Gipp" 
"When I am right no one remembers: when I am 
wrong no orw forgets. " 

Likes — B., Beach Boys, lifeguarding, fog, H.P., 
being fleet-footed, sun tan bodies, nice guys, 
dances, food, sleep, and water. Dislikes — per- 
fect people, combing my hair, English, loud- 
mouths, pickles, dentists. Ambition — to go to 
California to find my surfer girl. Remembers 
most — Sleeze 71 and 72, B.C., summers, Oct. 
21, R.L, fr<'shman football. Wants to forget most 
— B.G., horror shows. Usually seen with — 
Zorba, Bip, THE Jocks. Activities — Football 2- 
4 (capl); Hock<-y 1-4; Baseball 1-4 (capt). 


William Spence Stratton Lx)rd 
"Mr. Abnavseas" 
"Just like money in the bank." 
Likes — J. A.. T.S., swishersweets excursions 
with Kathy Fox, the M.J. Dislikes — chicken 
livers and Fords. Ambition — to become a rock 
and roll star. Remembers most — Thursday 
mornings and Potters\ ille. Wants to forget most 
— that kid at the beach. Usually seen with — 
gauche clothes and a ten cent cigar. Activities — 
S.S.A.C. 3; Polar Bear Club 3; Variety Show 3, 

Anne Marie Mack 

"First love is a beautiful hurt. " 
Likes — B.B., T.. friendly people, the beach, 
raving with Kay, dungarees, convertibles, drive- 
ins, red tootsie pops. Dislikes — getting out of 
bed on a cold winter morning, saying goodbye, 
hassles, moving, not having any money. Ambi- 
tion — to see the day Eileen goes into the con- 
vent. Remembers most — the Spring St. gang, 
summer '70, 1/22/71, Halloween '71; '72: Flo- 
rida, thirty-two, good times with R.G. Wants to 
forget most — being let down, summer '72. Usu- 
ally seen with — Eileen, Debbie, Beth, Maureen, 
Jacky, Margaret. Activities — Softball 1; Band 1; 
Powderpuff 4; Cheerleader 1-4; Activities Comm. 
2; Class play 4; Yearbook Assembly 4. 

Sharon Lee McDonald 

"TJie world is nothing but a great desire to live 
and a great dissatisfaction with living. " 
Likes — holiday hill parties, the L. smile, court- 
yard, games, teasing Ho. Dislikes — Sneezing, 
singing the wrong words. Baron, veins. Ambition 
— to give B.E. and B.T. grief; to die drowning 
in mercury. Remembers most — "This is God, 
Lou," The Dastardly Five, Cal, tinsel Jorge and 
the Hawaiians. Wants to forget most — Nat's 
Jimmy Cagney, "Remember when Sharon . . . 
," pocketbooks with hot clasps. Usually seen 
with — Karla, Kicky Baby (K.F.). L.P.P. Bear, 
Nat the brat, and sometimes Lanie. Activities — 
Spanish Club 3, 4; S.S.A.C. 1, 2; Rousers 4; 
Powderpuff 4. 

Valerie Madge 
"The [east important word: I." 
Likes — sincere people, windy days, walking 
along an empty beach. Bertha, being with peo- 
ple, my family. Sundaes, Jenifer, sad movies, sun 
rising and setting, dancing. Dislikes — back 
stabbers, ravers, homework, getting up early, 
being yelled at, not being busy, rainy days, bees, 
baked beans. .Ambition — to be a stewardess 
and to see the world. Remembers most — the 
rip in Mr. Sheehan's pants in psychology fourth 
period. Wants to forget most — the stench from 
the gym locker room. Usually seen with — 
Linda, Brriha and the gang. 

Sheila Elizabeth Madigan 

Do not laki' tiff loo siTiou.sly; you will nrvrr net 
out of it alive. " 

Likes — the sea, Emily Dickinson, laughter, 
thund<-rsl()rnis, skiing when it's 65, buddy, the 
real tiling. Dislikes — ice cream, running out of 
gas, gym, arguments, knowing lhat all good 
things must come to an end. Ambition — to live 
long enough lo sec Mr. Kcadc married. Remem- 
bers most — being a niembi r of llie Holy Trio, 
roses on my I6lb birthday, demolishing ihe Hull 
victory parad<'. Wants to forget most — the 
birthday card, the last day of English lOA. Usu- 
ally .seen with — Bonnie, Mary, Leslie, Billy, 
Mr. F>ickson. Activities — Class Treasurer 1; 
Class Sci relary 2-4; Powder Puff ,3, 4; Project 
Tiiui h 2, Yearbook 4; (^lass Play Comm. 4; 
Marshall 3; Activities Comm. I, 2; Dramatic 
Club 4. 

Kathleen Anne McCarthy 


"The heart has reasons which reason knous not." 
Likes — the ocean. Chinese food, sailboats. Chi- 
nese firedrills. 6 am aboard. Max. Moody Blues. 
Dislikes — hayfever. heartburn, being on time 
coming home, being frustrated, not knowing, 
waiting, being tied down. Ambition — to live on 
40' sailboat, travel around the world. Remembers 
most — night sailing. Nantucket 72. jumper 
cables. Chappaquidick. backroom. Godspell. 
Duxbury Beach. Wants to forget most — brea4c- 
ing up. Muzzie. out riggers. Usually seen with — 
Sharon. Michelle. Jimmy. Johnny. Steve. Activi- 
ties — Basketball 1. 2: Softball 1. 2; Drama 4; 
Marshall 3 Class Activities Comm. 2, 3: Year- 
book advertising 4. 

Paul Joseph McCarthy 


Likes — playing basketball, vacation. Dislikes — 
working nights. .Ambition — to play for the Celt- 
ics. Remembers most — July 4, 1971. Wants to 
forget most — summer '72. Usually seen with 
— Big Deal. Millhouse. Buckets. Activities — 
Basketball 1-4; Soccer 1. 

Roberta Faye McKinnell 
"Berta. Bird" 

"The nicest gift of all is knowing someone cares. " 
Likes — being a girl. Field Hockey, cuddling,; 
cocoa, sewing, B.T.L. bedtime stories. Dislikes) 
— being caught in the middle, being tickle, hav- 
ing to say good-bye, tie scores, bottles, the word 
"broad." Remembers most — May 1st, 8 roses, 
Chicago, Plantation House, Field Hockey, Pow- 
der Puff, getting my hair cut, my bird. Usually 
seen with — Ricky, Barrie, Nina. .Activities — 
Field Hockey 1. 2 (co-capt) 3, 4 (capt); Softball 
1-4; Yearbook staff Powder Puff 3. 4; cheer- 
leader 4. 



John Bryan Miller 


"This lime, like all times, is a very good one, if 
we but know what to do with it. " 
Likes — Nina, blood, basketball, ocean. Big 
Macs, Chicago. Dislikes — blisters, losing, not 
enough light, having to throw the bull. Ambition 
— to become the next Jerry West. Remembers 
most — Chicago concerts, S.S.M.C., Fall '72, 
nights on harbor. Wants to forget most — 
THOSE first few days in Cohasset, roomates. 
Usually seen with — Bucketts, Sarge, Jeffy, Saw, 
Neen. Activities — Soccer 4 (co-ca[)t.); Basket- 
ball 2-4; Baseball 2-4; Yearbook 4: Intramural 
(assistant) 4; Camp Wing-a-Ding 2. 

Paula Kathleen Miller 


Likes — ilogs, horeses, training dogs, drawing 
things. Dislikes — having to Ix' told what to do, 
having to do it on my own. Remembers most — 
going to the dog show in New York. Wants to 
forgi-t most — the school. Usually s4,n with — 
Greta Towle. 

Stephen P. Moulton 

"Give me a fish; Fll eat for a day: Teat h me to 
fish, ril eat for a lifetime. " 

Likes — Tina, girls, parties, money, clothes, bas- 
ketball, books. Dislikes — phoney people, going 
to school early in the morning, homework. .Ambi- 
tions — to gel out of school, to become a P.E. 
teacher, to buy a Cadillac. Remembers most — 
my last year, certain things and certain people. 
Wants to forget most — getting up in the morn- 
ing. Usually seen with — Jerome and Brian. 
Activities — Football 1. 

Elizabeth Freeman Muir 

"/ took the road less traveled by and that made 
alt the difference. " 

Likes — Kelly, walking in the snow, driving the 
Malibu, cauliflower, and feeding the ducks. Dis- 
likes — People that make me feel inferior, being 
short, crying, saying goodbyes, and frizzies. 
Ambition — to be happy and to have a kid that 
is bigger than me. Remembers most — letters 
from N.AM- summer of "71" and "72", 
BEAKET. the day I became an aunt, Oct. 6, '72. 
Wants to forget most — the night of "Right 
Time," needless fights, Feb. 27, 197L Usually 
seen with — the other two musketeers. Maureen, 
Annette, Deb. Activities — Cheering 1. 2 (co- 
capt.): Softball 1; Variety Show 3; Yearbook 
Assembly 4. 

Heather Jean Munro 

"Blow wind to where my loved one is, that he anc 
I breathe the same air, and the earth we tread i; 
one. " 

Likes — Chris Y., Duxbury Beach. Tarklin. wiz- 
ards, guitars, singing, just being with friends, 
mountains. Dislikes — SCHOOL LUNCHES, fire 
alarms, unsteady rocks, crutches. Ambition — 
To walk the length of Rt. 53 at 3:00 A.M. sing- 
ing all the way. Remembers most — The Fam- 
ily, Duxbury, Hanover, Holbrook, singing on Rt. 
53 at 10:00 P.M., Hanover soccer games with 
Chris, Beach party at D.B. Wants to forget most 
— Donkeys in donkey basketball, driving Cleo at 
2:00 A.M. from Vermont. Usually seen with — 
Chris, Alison, Gregg, Denise, Rosey, Jill, Glenn 
Bob. Jud, Scott, Carter, Gina, Kathy, Lee. Activi- 
ties — SEMBSA 1-4: Band 2-4; Chorus 1-4; Sen- 
ior Ensemble 3, 4; Double Quartet And One 2; 
J.V. Basketball 1; Folk Group 3; French Club 3; 
Project Touch 2. 

Deborah Bartlett Nasi 

"The truth that needs proof is only half true. " 
Likes — swimming, skiing, the beach, weekends, 
dark tans. Dislikes — snobs, rainy days with 
nothing to do, long lines. Monday mornings, hav- 
ing to say good bye forever. Ambition — to 
travel. Remembers most — Aug. 19, 1972; final 
swim meet in Aug. 1971, Powderpuff in 1971, 
Quebec City, Chinese Restaurant. Wants to for- 
get most — Sept. 23, 1972, 11th grade English, 
SAT's. Usually seen with — Nancy, Leiand, 
Pam, Pickle. Activities — Band 1-4; Field 
Hockey 2; Powderpuff 3, 4. 

Linda Marie Nickerson 
"Lin," "Lindy" 
"ffe desire nothing so much as what ue ought not 
have. " 

Likes — drinking vodka, not living at home, 
working at Autohaus Inc., sleeping. Dislikes — 
school, money problems, stairs. Ambition — to 
build a career in business. Remembers most — 
the week of 12/3 to 12/10, meeting Jimmy. 
Wants to forget most — Summer of '70. Usually 
seen with — Debbie, Bonnie. Activities — Work 
Studt 3, 4. 



Maureen Ann O'Brien 

"May the road to meet you . . . arui the 
wind he almays at your hack. May the sun shine 
warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon 
your fielils. arul until we meet again . . . May 
God hoUl you in the palm of his hand." 
Likes — SI wing, blue jeans, the easy life, swim- 
ming, MIAMI! Dislikes — mosquitoes, vegeta- 
bles, the winter, arguments, curfews, waking up 
during an interesting dream, small town talk. 
Ambition — travel all over and to have enough 
money to really enjoy it! Remembers most — 
visiting Linda, trip to Miami, a certain crush. 
Wants to forget most — smashing good ol 
'Mom's car, some hassles. Usually seen with — 
lots of friends. Activities — Field Ho<key 1; 
Softball 1. 2; Activities Comm. 1, 2; Student 
Council 2, 3 (treas.) 4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Class 
Play 4; Yearbook 4. 

Eileen Bridget O'Connell 

Likes — gumdrops, lemons, snowy nites» coffee- 
time, family get-togethers. Dislikes — saying 
goodhye, flirts, people being mad at me, snobs, 
the morning after the nite before. Ambition — 
to be a nun. Remembers most — some things 
I'd like to forget. Wants to forget most — Feb. 
27, 1971. Usually seen with — Anne, Debbie, 
Maureen, Diane, Beth, Margaret, Jarky. Activi- 
ties — Cheerleader 1-4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Rous- 
ers 4: Class Play 4; Variety Show 3; Activities 
Comm. 2. 

Kathy Ann Oliver 

"Pickle," "OIlie" 
"Tis not too late to seek a newer world." 
Likes — the Beatles, sunshine, movies, Boston, 
laughing, the Rolling Stones. Dislikes — 
grouches, getting up in the morning, monkeys. 
Tricky Dicky, working. ,\mbition — to be a 
notorious cat burglar. Remembers most — Dick 
Dasterdley, birthday parties, the Vendome. 
Wants to forget most — Moby Dick, the Lemon 
Sisters. Usually seen with — Ping Pong, Ruts. 
Lee, Heather, Alison. Activities — Chorus 1. 

Mary Christine O'Hayre 

"Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground: 
Mother earth will suallou- you. lay your body 
down. " 

Likes — Sunny, Scituate Pits, BMW baby, the 
evil weed, Martha's Vineyard, concerts, beer. 
Dislikes — school, blow up in Negoksloff, 
dances, losing bubble gum chewing contests, 
"people" passing out in movie theaters. Ambi- 
tion — to be a Vet. Remembers most — the 
Stones, custard, Dunkin Donuls with Linda, an 
unusual day at Rocky Beach with Debby. July 4, 
1972. Wants to forget most — The Frilo Ban- 
dito, Linda K., Debb\, Sunny. 

Carol Anne Paine 

"When love beckons to you, follow him. 
Though his ways are hard and sleep. 
And when his wings, enfold you yeild to him. 
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may 
wound you. 

When he speaks to you believe in him . . . 
For love is sufficient on to love." 
Likes — summer sunrises on the dunes, feeling 
free and independent, feelings of love, new ven- 
tures and challenges, working with children, the 
ocean, the woods. Dislikes — time, awkward 
feelings, winter, hassles, confinement, restric- 
tions, crowds. Ambition — to be happy with life 
and myself; to bring happiness to others. 

Patricia Jane Paterson 

"All can hear, but only the sensitive can under- 
stand. " 

Likes — Laura Nyro, Bassings Beach, saving 
things, "Bopping," friendly people. Dislikes — 
sarcasm, peas. Ambition — never to grow old at 
heart. Remembers most — summers "70 and 

71, P.A., "Let h Be," Spain, World's End 71, 
the book. Wants to forget most — Variety Show 

72. Usually seen with — Jan, Betsy, and other 
crazy people. Activities — Rousers 1; Softball 1. 

Rebecca Palrolia 

"He not busy being horn is busy dying. " 
Likes — camping, hiking, Alaska, Colorado, 
friends, bicycling, reading, writing, being honest, 
French. Dislikes — crutches, lies. Ambition — 
to be a nurse and an author, to bicycle across 
country, to speak fluent French. Remembers 
most — Variety Shows, Alaska. Wants to forget 
most --- H.M. Activities — S.S.A.C. 1-4; Troll 1- 
3; Outcry 3; Recorder Club 4. 

John Baxter Pallyson 

"Il's got to be the going, not the getting there 
that's good. " ' " 

Likes — Ehon John, tennis, sun. orange juice, 
good friends, smiles. DisHkes — French, vegeta- 
bles, unambitious people, broken front doors. 
Golf Club Road. Ambition — to slow down my 
talking. Remembers most — March parties, roar- 
ing 20's, Dartmouth, episode at Al's, Patriots- 
Buffalo bet. Wants to forget most — accidents. 
Usually seen with — Jon R., Tony C, Brian H., 
Nicky R. Activities — Tennis 1-4 (Capt.); Soccer 
4; Student Council 4; Basketball 1, 2; Ski Club 

Jeffrey C. Pratt 

"People who laugh at other people are fools. " 
Likes — good raving. Grand Funk and Chicago, 
days off, a certain something. Dislikes — being 
ranked, no raving, dull weekends, moody people, 
Sunday afternoons. Ambition — to be rich and 
rank The Guys. Remembers most — THOSE, 
SSMC, Chicago, maintenance. Wants to forget 
most — THOSE. Usually seen with — Sarge, 
Bucketts, Millhouse, Saw. Activities — Basket- 
ball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Band 1-4; Football 1; 
Camp-Wing-A-Ding 2; Activities Club 2. 

Norris A. Plank 

"How can you be two places at once when you're 
really nowhere at all?" 

Likes — flying, top, live music, schooners, aba- 
die, ALLMAN Brothers. Dislikes — High School 
Games, teachers on, being bored, a power trip, 
unfriendly girls. Ambition — to fly off Mt. 
Washington with a hang-glider. Remembers most 
— all my last year's senior friends who left me 
behind. Wants to forget most — High School 
rumors. Usually seen with — Jerome and the 
gang. Andy. Moose, Mike. 


Brian Patrick Prendergast 
" Boru" 
"Life is short; live it up. " 

Likes — sailing, people, a pleasant beverage, 
holidays, swimming, reading. Dislikes — school, 
getting caught, paying debts. Ambition — to 
make it to Singapore under water. Remembers 
most — Boston Garden '71, Doc, sailing club. 
Wants to forget most — High School. Usually 
seen with — everyone. Activities — Hockey 1, 

Peter John Pratt 


"You don I need a wealherman to know which 
way the ivind blows. " 

Likes — Dylan, outlaws, Maine, fat people, the 
sea. Dislikes — fascists, bike crashes. Ambition 
— to hijack a fleet of Zeppelins. Remembers 
most — the pioneers, the future. Wants to forget 
most — Mr. Streeter's "lucky punch". Usually 
seen with — all de guys cruise'n for burgers. 
Activities — Troll 1-4; Class President 1; Stu- 
dent Council 1, 2; SSA 1-3: Project Touch 2. 3; 
Yearbook Photographer 4. 

Terry Irene Prcscoll 

As far as possible without .surrender be on nood 
terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly 
and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and 
ignorant; they too have their story. " 
Likes — Gary, fishing, having 3 sisters. Norman 
Rockwell, snowball fights, little kids. Dislikes — 
driving behind school buses, dirty snow, forget- 
ting things. Ambition — to pull into a gas sta- 
tion the right way. Remembers most — when 
Debbie was here, seeing a bear. Wants to forget 
most — breaking a full 5-gallon bottle in Chem- 
istry. Usually seen with — Gary, Herm, Pat. 
Activities — Band 1; Field Hockey 1; E.S.Y. 2; 
Rousers .3; Cheering 3: Powderpuff .3, 4; Variety 
Show .3; Yearbook 4; Tutoring ,3; Homecoming 
Queen 4; Class Play 4; Candy Sales 4. 



Kurt Michael Rever 

Fatua cruraque mox separabuntur. " 
Likes — girls, long blonde or brown hair, San- 
tana, flirting, telling bad jokes. Dislikes — not 
being able to thank all the teachers who really 
helped, waiting around, "Donkey," slurping. 
.Ambition — to be pres. of the CC Fan Club: to 
find a hair disease. Remembers most — John 
Pattyson's stories, telling bad jokes, C.H.S. girls, 
all my friends and enemies, Mr. Reade. Wants to 
forget most — The towel, the hairdo. Junior Bio. 
Usually seen with — "GIRLSI". Nick, anyone 
else who wants to be seen with me. .Activities — 
Football 1: Open School Project 2; Drug Coun- 
selling 2; Troll 2; .A.F.S. 3: Future Teachers 
Club 3: School Gov't. Exchange 3; A.V. 3; Mar- 
shall 3 (capt.); Track 3. 4: Rousers 3, 4; Class 
Plav 4; Drama Club 4; Soccer 4. 

Sheldon Nichols Dennis Ripley Jr. 

"Fd rather think myself right and society think 
me wrong, than to have society think me right and 
I think myself wrong. " 

Likes — the other half, bicycles, long hair, 
music, flying. Dislikes — S.S.M.C.. stydying. try- 
ing to find a '/2 decent van. clams. Ambition — 
to sail around the world in a thirty foot sloop. 
Remembers most — sliding down the slopes in a 
toboggan after a certain accident. Wants to forget 
most — boring weekends in Monte Carlol Usu 
ally seen with — George. Martin, and Bob 
Activities — SSA 1. 2; Drama Club 1. 2. 4; Pro 
ject Touch 2. 3: Soccer 3. 4; Yearbook 4; Mar 
shall 4; Class Vice Pres. 4: Senior Class Play 3, 
4; Student Council 4; Senior Play Selection 
Comm. 4. 


Jonathan Mark Roberts 

Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus. 
Likes — blondes, golf, concerts. Deep Purple, 
good beverage. Patriots. Chinkin". beach, soccer, 
good parties. Dislikes — lima beans, three put- 
ting, losing to Pattyson in Ping Pong. .Ambition 
— to go on the tour. Remembers most — 
Moody Blues. Utah. Dartmouth. Deweys. Norwell 
game. Wants to forget most — Miss Dever. Com- 
bat Zone. Usually seen with — Tony. Jon, Brian, 
John. Nicky, Steve. .Activities — Golf 1-4 (co- 
capt); Soccer 3, 4: Basketball 1: Hockey 1, 2; 
Ski Club 1-4; Band 1-3; Student Council 1-3. 


Karia Alexis Rose 


"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall 
never be disappointed. " 

Likes — 2 Mr. F's and one R, talking on the 
phone, C.R. and C.B., Mutha Magoo. Spanish, 
Kitties and dogs. Dislikes — Graduating, Har- 
vey, B.E., getting up in the morning. Ambition 
— To go to U. Mass. and to know what I want 
to become. Remembers most — Powder Puff 
game 71, Hank's parties. Lighthouse L. Room, 
man in red boat, b. day card. Wants to forget 
most — Always saying things I shouldn't say or 
don't mean . Usually seen with — Nat, Shan, 
Kate, Boo Pinda, Paula, and sometimes Lanie. 
Activities — Spanish Club 3, 4, Majorettes L 2, 
3, Rousers 1-4; Powder Puff 3, 4, Donkey Bas- 
ketball 4, Activities 2, Variety Show 3. 

Su.san Sadler 

"I was gratified to he able to answer promptly, 
and I did. I said I didn't know.'' 
Likes — Sandy beach, San Francisco, travelling, 
snowstorms, friends. Dislikes — math 7 a.m., 
being late, dissappointments. Ambition — To do 
something worthwhile. Remembers Most — Can- 
ada, powderpuff, Spanish class. Usually seen 
with — Pinda, KarIa, Shan, Nat, Katie, Paula. 
Activities — Spanish Club 3, 4; Rousers 1-4; 
Powderpuff 3, 4; Marshall 3. 

Giuslina Joesphinc Saldi 

"Anytime is the right lime to remember someone. " 
Likes — Ixnng Italian, motorcycles, hamburgers. 
Corvettes, weekend nights. Dislikes — C.H.S., 
Cohassel, getting up early, Hingham police, rainy 
days. Ambition — To become rich, to leave 
C.H.S. Remembers most — 4/22/71, College 
pond, my trip to Italy. Wants to forget most — 
My years at C.H.S. Usually seen with — Joan. 


Jon Wayne Sargent 

"The best preparation for the future is to live as if 
there were none. ' 

Likes — Beginnings, sports, strawberries, to 
STRUT, drums, dreaming, snowstorms, R.T. Dis- 
likes — Being called "jock", thinking, raisins, 
endings, Beechwood, certain snobs, silence. 
Ambition — Send a note in a bottle across the 
Atlantic and spend a year in Alaska. Remembers 
most — Chicago Concert, Nassau, Pine tree. 
THOSE. S.B. "68. Wants to forget most — 
unhappiness. Usually seen with — Saw. Buck- 
etts. Millhouse. Jeffy. Activities — Basketball 1- 
4; Baseball 1-4; Football 3. 4; Band 1-4: Student 
Council 1, 3, 4: Educational Goals 4. 

Richard Charles Sawyer 

"Castles in the clouds are fine until you try to 
touch them. " 

Likes — Being a "Lover," Sarge to crank it. 
Chalterton s, raves, a few coaches, Chicago, Hi-C, 
counting the days. Dislikes — Brains, learning 
the hard way, onions, most maggots, R.T., 
secrets. Remembers most — Nassau "72, 
THOSE, Chicago, S.B. '68, Golfing with Bird. 
Usually seen with — Sarge, Buckets, Downhill, 
Jeffy, Bird. Activities — Class Pres. 2, 4: V.P. 1; 
Student Council 1-4; Boys" State; Football 1, 3. 
4: Basketball 1-4: Baseball 1-4: Yearbook 4: A.V. 
1, 2; Wing-A-Ding 2, 3. 

William S. Signorelli Jr. 

"Live as if you expect to live a hundred years, but 
might die tomorrow." 

Likes — Les, the beach, Sha-Na-Na, raving, oat- 
meal cookies with french onion dip. Dislikes — 
running out of gas, Maggots, people who get 
sick, Betsey on cold mornings. Ambition — to 
be the "Godfather."" Remembers most — 
"patriot game," victory parades, the beach, 
Eddie in the tree, slide. Wants to forget most — 
A Hingham party, 7/4/72, wasting away in 
Maine. Usually seen with — Tom, Ed, Rick, Les 
and the Holy Trio. Activities — Baseball 1-4; 
Football 3; Basketball 1; Rousers Club 4: Year- 
book 4 (Sports Ed.): Marshall 2, 3. 


Stephen Barnes Smith 

"// / had an ambition to do that, why would I be 
going to school now. " 

Likes — Chess, running, proving teachers 

DisHlces — The dim lighting in our house. 
Ambition — To beat Bobby Fisher. 
Remembers most — Injuring my arm. 
Want.s to forget most — Mrs. Bleakney, Inde- 
pendent study. 

Usually seen — Raving with everybody. 
Artivilies — X-counlry 2 - 4, Chess Club 1, 2, 
4, Track 2 ■ 4. 

Michael A. Smith 

"Woman, child, man and wife — the best lave to 
have is the Love of Life. " 

Likes — Joan, walking in rain, day dreaming, 
sunrise's and sunsets. 

Dislikes — Some C.H.S. faculty, powerful teach- 
ers, snow. 

Ambition — To own a farm out West. 

Remmebers most — Self discovery and traveling 

last summer, fight with Brian. 

Forgets most — Sophomore year, gym class. 

Usually seen with — Joan, J. B., Moose, Moul- 

ton. Green Machine. 

Activities — Baseball 1. 

Nina Elizabeth Steele 

"Nothing should be more highly prized than the 
value of each day. " 

Likes — sun, dreams, Bryan, my Pop. laughing, 
skiing, beaches, people, popcorn, beginnings, 
P.R. Dislikes — insensitivity, letdowns. Ambi- 
tion — To be on time for everything for once. 
Remembers most — SSMC, Fall 72, CSC. sun- 
rise on bassings, Chicago concert, hurricane sail- 
ing. Wants to forget most — Berta's party, some 
anxious waiting. Usually seen with — Kathy, 
Bird, Bryse. .Activities — Band 1-4; Stage Band 
2. 4: SEMSB.\ 3; Yearbook 4; Class Play 4; 
Powderpuff 3, 4; NHS 3, 4. 

Francis Joseph Sullivan 

"Somebody dig me a grave. " 

Likes — Chewy's, Gulf, Football (sometimes). 
Musicals, Champagne. Cohasset. love, good 
books. Victories. Dislikes — sad people, 
unfriendly people, losing and having a dry 
mouth. Ambition — To some day become a 
Broadway Musical star. Remembers most — 
Dubs, Illinois, Canada. R.C., A.D., C.C., and 
Greater Bostonians. E. Milton. Wants to forget 
most — Dubs, flat tires. Popping my shoulder 
out. Usually seen with — Sometimes the jocks, 
sometimes the Maggots. .Activities — Football 1- 
4; Drama Club 1-4; Chorus 1-4; School Store 1- 
3; Manager; Senior Class Play 1-4; Comm. 4; 
Variety Show 2-4; Weight Lifting 3; SEMSBA 1. 
3. 4; South East District 1. 3; Greater Bostonians 

Eileen Sullivan 
/ still believe thai people are really good at heart. 
Likes — The Sunlight kids, working in the 
nurses office, Kathy, all my teachers. H. H.. 
Helping out, riding my bike, Mr. R.. the summer 
counselors, people, music. Amy, skiing. Dislikes 

— To have a feeling of guilt, being sick, diets, 
meat loaf, selfishness, being upset. .Ambition — 
To be a good pediatrics Nurse. Remembers most 

— summer of "72." Wants to forget most — 
Pub Night. Usually seen with ^ Kathy Killion. 
Activities — Student Social .Action 1-4; Dramatic 
Club 1; Ski Club 1, 2; .Modern Dance 1, 2; 
Majorettes 1, 2, 3. 

Joseph Blake Thaxter III 

"Though much is taken, much abides; and though 
we are not now that strength which in old days 
moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we 
are: One equal temper of Heroic hearts. Made 
weak by time and fate, but strong in will — To 
strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 

Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

Karen Anne Tewksbury 
"Smiley" — "Tewks" 
"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of 

Likes — wishing on stars, rainbows, EAT 'EM 
UP RAH RAH RAH!!! Field Hockey, a good 
win, "fire up, " after school volleyball. 
Dislikes — Kids who don't try, making deci- 
sions, being out-psyched (esp, by Duxbury), shin 
splints bandage in B.B. 

Ambition — to drive someplace and get there on 

Remembers most — The friendliness of all the 
teachers, the togetherness of our class, a great # 
1 F. H. team, B. B. with Mr. Deakin, Latina 
oneilii, cabin llA, Miss B's gift. 
Wants to forget most — '71 F.H. tie games. 
Usually seen with — Judy, Carol, a spirited 
group of kids and a key to the gym. 
Activities — Field Hockey 1 - 4 (Co-Capt.); Bas- 
ketball 1 - 4 (Co-Capt.); Softball 1 - 4; Rouserw 
3, 4 (V.-pres.); Yearbook Staff; Powderpuff 3, 4 

Linda Thayer 
"Chicken Legs" 
"You've got to get up every morning with a smile 
on your face, and show the world all the Uive in 
your heart; then people gonna treat you better, 
you're gonna find — you're only beautiful as you 

Likes — Taking walks to the beach, riding my 
bike, being on my own, animals, laughing so 
hard I can't breath, camping, sailing in the sailf- 
ish, music, riding on motorcycles. The beach 
during storms. 

Dislikes — pressure, people who don't tell me 
what they think, growing up, cleaning my room. 
Ambition — to talk my father into letting me 
have a dog, to be coordinated, to drive the 

Remembers most — Finding my name written 
on the wall, summers, Mr. Collins telling about 
the "High and The Mighty." Wants to forget 
most — being on crutches. 

Activities — SSA 1 - 4; Polar Bear Club; Year- 
book; Play Comm.; Tutoring in Roxbury; Powder 
Puff 3; Softball 1; Variety Show 3, 4. 


Phillip Thayer 


"You don't have to he nuts to go to school here 
but it sure helps. " 

Likes — New Hampshire, old Venture songs, 
Chryslers, boats. Dislikes — Fords, rainy days, 
going to first period class. Ambition — to own a 
yacht. Remembers most — 1:30 bell. Wants to 
forget most — I.P.S. shop, school lunches. Usu- 
ally seen with — Steve. Activities — Football 1. 

Steve Tibbetts 

' / doubt it. " 

Likes — P.J. Baseball, money, McDonalds, 
weekends. Dislikes — Algebra H, sad people, 
homework. Ambition — to fly to the moon. 
Remembers most — summer of '72. Wants to 
forget most — 9th grade LP.S. Usually seen 
with — P.J., Beechwood. Activities — Football 
1; Baseball 1-4. 

Deborah Thompson 

"Wisdom is knowing when you can't be uise." 
Likes — Being out of the house, working, week- 
ends, sleeping late. Dislikes — School, being 
broke, rainy days, totaling cars. Ambition — To 
be able to speak out. Remembers most — Sum- 
mer of 70. Wants to forget most — totaling my 
mustang. Usually seen with — Linda. Activities 
— Basketball 2; Workstudy 4. 


Greta Towie 

"Happiness doesn 'l come from doing what we like 
to do. but liking what we have to do. " 
Likes — crazy people, horses, dungarees, dis- 
missal bells. Dislikes — Mondays, boring 

classes, ravers, "McDonalds". Ambition to 

ride in the Olympics. Remembers most — every- 
thing. Wants to forget most — gym, school 
lunches. Usually seen with — anyone. 


Judity Ann Topper 


"When we are flat on our backs there is no way 
to look but up." 

Likes — my brothers, the ocean, cold windy 
days, having a good time. Coach Di, the Camp. 
Dislikes — impatient people, pea green pants, 
reavers, apathy. Ambition — to prove to Mr. 
Almedia that girl's can do it, to blow my own 
horn. Remembers most — Powderpuff, Thanks- 
giving 72. Wants to forget most — a red shirt 
and a fresh policeman. Usually seen with — 
Tewks, Leslie, Bonnie, Sheila, Mary, Nancy. 
Activities — Softball 1-4 (cap't); basketball 1-4 
(co-capt); Rousers 4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Yearbook 

Elizabeth Ellen Viola 

"We can because we think we can. " 
Likes — golf, horseback riding, reducts, Italian 
food, baseball, football. Dislikes — exams, Mon- 
day morning. Being sad, work. Ambition — To 
be successful and break "80". Remembers most 
— Cha Cha, '69 Class Play, Chemistry Class, 
Latin III class. Bio. Class, Thanksgiving Game 
'72. Wants to forget most — Algebra, Junior 
Eng. Class. Usually seen with — Paula. Activi- 
ties — Band 1-4; Cheering 2, 3; Rousers 2-4; 
A.F.S. 3; Chorus 4; Marshal 3; E.S.Y. Committee 
2; Stage Band 1. 

Joseph Francis Walsh, III 

"Do you believe that I am what I say I am?" 
Likes — tea, a smile, Crysulman. 
Dislikes — my picture. 
Ambition — to achieve it and be content. 
Remembers most — those who have left. 
Wants to forget most — names. 

Activities — Alternative School Program; National 
Honor Society; Bauch and Lomb Science Award; 
National Merit Finalist; Ecology Action (secretary); 
Troll 4; SSA 4. 

Guiliermo Gomez 
"Memo, Billy" 
Likes — American girls. Math, soccer. 
Ambition — become an engineer and have a nice 

Usually seen with — everybody. 
Activities — Transfer student from Columbia. 

Ronald Lee Watkins 
"Ronnie, Hoss" 
"He speaketh not, and yet their lies a conversation 

in his eyes. " 

Likes — A. B., drums, morale, donuts, skiing, 
some sports, food, skydiving, wooden boats, 

Dislikes — cliques, hospitals, math, never hav- 
ing anyone to talk to, screaming little kids, los- 

Ambition — gel a pilot license, black belt, to die 

Remembers most — Murph, running the beach, 
Hanover, Marathon. 

Wants to forget most — broken nose, last sum- 
mer, 10th grade. 

Usually seen with — whoever is around. 
Activities — Cross Country 1 - 4 (Capt.); Basket- 
ball 1. 2; Track 1 - 4 (Capt.); Band 1 - 4; Mar- 
shall 2, 3; Dance Band 1. 2; Class Dance Comm. 
2; Senior Class Play; Variety Show 3, 4. 

"/ can't believe I ate the whole thing." 
Likes — hockey, scuba diving, being a male 
chauvinist pig, owning a Mustang, winning, scor- 
ing goals, parties. Grand Funk. 
Dislikes — Women Liberationisls, Lima Beans, 
early morning hockey practices, homework. 
Ambition — to be rich and own a Harem. 
Remembers most — Patriots game, last Sat. 
night, Minots Light, Stratton. 
WanU to forget most — wild parties, last Sunday 

Usually seen with — my Mustang, the MOB. 
Activities — Hockey 1 - 4; Soccer 4; Cross 
Country 3. 


Robin Pamela Wilmore 

Likes — cats, walking in the woods, art, skating, 

Dislikes — sarcasm, Big Blue Meanies. 
Ambition — to return to Majorca, Spain some- 

Remembers most — Spain, the summer of '71, 
working at art classes with Kathy. 
Wants to forget most — the taco Jane and Jim 
sent me from Alabama. 

Usually seen with — Lynne, Marcia, Pat, and 

Activities — Modern Dance 1, 2; Troll 2, 3; 
SSA 1 - 3; Figure Drawing, 4; Work Study 3. 

Jean Marie Willwerth 

Likes — people, sad brown eyes, my green liat, 

". . . a tear and a smile." 

Dislikes — Games People Play. 

Remembers most — Grok. 

Wants to forget most — Restrictions of Time. 

Usually seen with — Blue Plow the Pukka. 

Ambition — to be virtuoso on harmonica; "O, 

yes I'm gonna be a country girl again. " 

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; 

what is essential is invisible to the eye, " 

Jonathan D. Wilson 

"Live as if there were no tomorrow. " 

Likes — what made Milwaukee famous, skin and 

scuba diving, the Cape, subs, sub run. Chink 


Dislikes — scalloped potatoes, being without a 

ten or a twenty. 

Ambition — to be a journalist. 

Remembers most — Paltyson's parties. Jumper 

Cable Cops, 6/5 and 6/6/72. 

Wants to forget most — my accidents. 

Usually seen with — Tony, Nick, Jon, John, 


Activities — Band 1 - 3; Basketball 1, 2; Class 
Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Football 1. 



Sharon Lee Winchester 
"There's a place in the sun 
And be/ore my life is done 
Fm gonna find me a place in the sun. " 
Likes — sailboats. Chink food, fantasy lands, 
pink chocolate, summer nights and music. Dis- 
likes — not knowing, people with no feelings, 
hassles, being uptight and losing things. Ambi- 
tion — to live on a sailboat, to be there on 7/7/ 
77 and attend B.R.U. Remembers most — Brew- 
ster Rd.. Jimmy's parties, Nantucket, night sail- 
ing, jumper cables. Wants to forget most — 
Aug. 27, '71, not seeing them when. Usually 
seen with — Michelley. Kathy. Activities — 
Rousers 1; Activities Comm. 2; Yearbook Staff 
4; Drama Club 4. 

Natalie Marie Young 

Likes — friends, laughing, John Sebastian, my 
cats, sledding, football, snow, M&M's, hockey, 
Mr. R. Dislikes — working Saturday, B.E., alge- 
bra, getting up early. Ambition — to stay clear 
of Wheelwright Park, get even with the "worst 
friend I got." Remembers most — Mrs. K's 
attack on B.H., geography, the Chateau, Pinda's 
comments, teachers. Western World, Dick Das- 
tardly Five. Wants to forget most — Canadian 
Ventilation. Usually seen with — Katie, Karla, 
Pinda, Sharon, Boo, Paula. Activities — Spanish 
Club 3, 4; Rousers 1-4; Activities Comm. 1, 3; 
Yearbook 4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1. 

Alison Kristiansen Woods 

"One is not serious at seventeen " 
Likes — people, playing my flute, airplanes, 
Europe, meeting everybody, Christmas spirit, 
having fun. Dislikes — auditions, horror movies, 
Boston on Sundays, "the morning after," apple 
pies, 4:00 a.m., leaky boats. Ambition — to play 
my flute solo right for once. Remembers most — 
July '72, 9/9/72, 9/11/72. Wants to forget 
most — Weymouth Burger King, night of 7/22/ 
72. Usually seen with — anybody and every- 
body. Activities — Band 1-4; Chorus 1-4; Folk 
Group 3; SEMSBA 3; Dramatic Club 4; Basket- 
ball 4 (manager); French Club 2, 3; Spanish 
Club 3. 


Yvonne Louisa Branden 
"Red-Top", "Mye" 
"Happiness seems made to be shared. " 
Likes — baseball, football, a certain passenger on 
Bus 4, Bruins, biology, swimming, dancing, listening 
to music, motorcycles. Dislikes — Prejudice, con- 
ceited people, school lunches. Ambition — doctor or 
a pilot. Remembers most — Sadie Hawkins Dance, 
the way the kids in school took care of me. Wants to 
forget most — Maiden, Mass. Usually seen with — 
Karen T., Caria P., Jerome. Activities — SIS Repre- 
sentative from Sweden; Varsity Basketball; Girl's 
Rugby; Student Council President; Trackfinding. 

. . . thoughts of Cohasset . . . 

When I arrived at Cohasset High School in the middle of the first term, I found it difficult to adjust to my senior 
classmates, and the rest of the student body. 

But, the senior class then gave me the most wonderful Christmas present I ever received — a phone call to my home! 
This made me feel a part of C.H.S. By attending school activities, and local parties, I am now able to understand and 
enjoy my classmates in America more. 

I will always remember this year at C.H.S. as something special in my life. I am so glad that I had a chance to meet 
people my age who enjoy a totally different life style . . . Yvonne 

My mother, Margaretha, near our home in Johanneshov, Stockholm 

My father, Bert, and my brothers Stefan and Mikael 

My family in Cohasset — Henry and Jan Deryk and Casey 

Richenburg and Vaqar, an SIS representative 
from Pakistan. 



Mimo and Kurt Karla and Jeffy 






Mr. Ra<< uia Mr. Krily 


Mis> (iiraril Mr. OHcrholm Mr. Blaise 




Mrs. Barringlon 

Mr. Lui as 

Mr~. Flaniiifian 

Mr. Bowman 


Mr. RoHprrs 

Mi'^'^ Bi-rmnn 


Mr. Plant.- 

Mr. Hiipht 

Mr (»rinni- 


Mrs. Woomrr Mrs. (;iuiiiilili > Mrs. Granger 



Mrs. Lahagc Miss Nelson Mrs. Burns 


Mr. Kuntz Mr. Dorr Miss Watson 

(Alhlelir Director) 

Mr. Case) Mr. Chatterton Mrs. Keale> 


LOOKS OF Mr. Nash 

VOICE OF Mr. Erbe 

BEST DRESSED Mr. Federico 

BRAINS OF Mr. Malick 

WIT OF Mr. Franey 

ENTHUSIASM OF Mr. Narkewiecz 

DEDICATION OF Mr. Gilmartin 





SINCERITY OF Mr. Thompson 

EGO OF Mr. Collins 

RAVING OF Mr. Chatterton 



GESTURES OF Mr. MacDermott 





LOOKS OF Mrs. Tribeman 

VOICE OF Mrs. Kittner 


BRAINS OF Mrs. Kittner 

WIT OF Miss Leonard 






SINCERITY OF Mrs. Burbank 

TALENT OF Mrs. Barrinj^ton 


PERSEVP:RANCE of Mrs. En(l(>rs 

SPIRIT OF Mrs. Tribeman 

GESTURES OF Mrs. Lahage 


PATIENCE OF Miss Nelson 


p. Ahearn 
P. Alexander 
P. Almeida 
K. Anderson 
P. Anderson 
P. Antoine 
M. Bailey 
J. Barlow 
P. Bartlett 
J. Badmajian 

B. Bell 
W. Bell 

M. Benedict 
E. Block 
J. Buckley 
P. Buckley 
J. Campbell 

C. Canlrell 
T. Carbone 
P. Carmody 
A. Chase 
W. Chisolm 

A. Cifrino 
J. Coddou 
M. Colleton 
K. Collins 
M. Conlan 
P. Cray 

S. Davis 
M. DeGiacomo 
L. Dickson 
J. Colan 
J. Dooley 
S. Dunn 
P. Emmanuello 
L. Emilson 
J. Emmons 
T. England 
K. Farren 
L. Easier 
K. Fielding 

B. Figueredo 

C. Foster 
K. Fox 

G. Giuliano 

A. Glynn 
K. Golden 
P. Gurnis 
P. Hanlon 

C. Han 
L. Hcrzog 

D. Hiltz 

B. Hincs 
B. Mines 
M. Hobbs 
G. Hoffman 

E. Hoh 

P. Jenkins 
E. Joyce 
P. Kelley 




S. Kelley 
J. Kern 
K. Killion 

L. Laugelle 
L. Luscombe 
M. Lynch 

B. Lyons 
M. Marcello 
K. Marten 
S. McArthur 
J. McCIosky 
J. McDonald 
R. Mcintosh 
J. McNabb 

C. Mitchner 
M. Murphy 
J. Neagle 

B. O'Connell 
M. O'Leary 
P. O'Rourke 
R. O'Rourke 

D. Osbourne 
P. Pearce 

C. Pearson 
N. Pegram 
R. Pfaffmann 
R. Phippen 

D. Power 

J. Quilty 

P. Rooncy 
J. Rosano 
R. Ryan 
P. Salerno 

C. Shea 

M. Signorelli 

D. Smith 
J. Smith 
S. Snyder 
B. Clark 

B. Paris 
K. Studley 
H. Taylor 

E. Tewksbury 
S. Thayer 

D. Thompson 
M. Trask 
M. Trettis 
L. Turner 
J. Tye 

F. Vecchione 
T. Watson 
A. Wesoloski 

D. White 
K. White 

C. Winn 
R. Wirth 

E. Wright 
R. Yaeger 
R. Yocum 


Abbruzzese, M. 
Ainslie, D. 
Almeida. C. 
Amos. J. 
Anderson, K. 
Antoine, J. 
Aulick, B. 
Auslin, A. 
Baccari, G. 
Baden. D. 
Badger, L. 
Bates, E. 
Bell, D. 
Boscow. S. 
Bowditch, J. 
Bowen. P. 
Brownell, M. 
Buckley, A. 
Burgess, W. 
Carroll, A. 
Goggin, E. 
Jones, D. 
Norris, V. 
Allen, C. 
Ferreira, T. 
Caller, J. 
Chisholm, C. 
Cifrino, E. 
Cody, P. 
Cone, T. 
Connors. G. 
Conle, J. 
Cooper, J. 
Colter, K. 
Coughlin, D. 
Cowan, T. 
Cowen. M. 
Curelli, C. 
Daniels, S. 
Day, S. 
Delaney, M. 
DeVilo, L. 
Doggett, P. 
Dolan, D. 
D'Onofrio, C. 
Drake, K, 
Duncan, R. 
Dunn, M. 
Durkin, P. 
Fielding, B. 
Figueiredo, T. 
Flint, M. 
Flynn. P. 
Fox, S. 
Geary, D. 
Gjesleby, I. 
Gould, C, 
Granger. M. 
Greenman, C.^ * 
Grinnell, C. 
Haley, J. 
Hanlon. K. 
Hardy, J. 
Harrington. H. 
Harris, R. 
Haskell, A. 
Hassan, R. 
Mealy, K. 
Hobbs, P. 
Holt, L. 
Hoy, C. 
Humphreys, L 
Hunlwork, M. 
Infusino, T. 
Ingemi, L. 
Jackson, B. 
Hardy, J. 



J" ,»■■ ••t *■! 9 • *Si 

Jones, R. 

Joyce, S. 

Keating, C. 

Knight, A. 

Kraft. K. 

Kravette, A. 

Kurtz. R. 

Langford. D. 

L^voi, T. 

Laugelle. M. 

Laugelli, L. 

Laugelli, M. 

Libby, M. 

Lincoln, T. 

Linsley, S. 

Linsley, S. 

Logan. C 

Longo, J. 

Lord. D. 

MacDonald. J. 

Maher, J. 

Marcella, J. 

Marks, C. 

Marseen, B. 

Martone, D. 

Green, R. 

Laue. D. 

McCarthy, C. 

McCloskey, S. 

McCullough, K. 

McGinnis, J. 

McKinnell, M. 

McNeil, K. 

McNulty, D. 

Murray, L. 

Najjar. V. 

O'Brien. P. 

Pape, R. 

Parker, J. 

Pollenger, D. 

PrescotI, J. 

Quilty, C. 

Randall, S. 

Salvador. D. 

Sargent. D. 

Shannon. D. 

Sheehy. D. 
Silvia. D. 
Silvia, R. 
Singleton, B. 
Howley, M. 
Nichols, J. 
Skyler, C. 
Montgomer> , C. 
Smith, C. 
Smith, S. 
Smith, S. 
Spalt, S. 
Stanford, A. 
Stanford, S. 
Steele. R. 
St. John. G. 
Sullivan. B. 
Sullivan, M. 
Syrmopoulos, D. 
Towie, S. 
Trast. M. 
Trayeis, P. 
Twaddle. G. 
Vanderlugt. E. 
Walls, M 
Watrous, S. 
Williams, J. 
Wilmore, L. 
Wilmoth, L. 
Zappolo, G. 
Barry, J. 



S. Almedia 

D. Atkins 

E. Bailey 
P. Ballerino 
J. Barcomb 

C. Bell 

A. Biggs 

J. Brown 
M. Buckley 
M. Buckley 

D. Bunch 
L. Burke 

B. Bulman 
J. Carbone 
M. Carlson 
W. Carrothers 
D. Chase 
T. Chiasson 
M. Cifrino 
J. Clark 
D. Clarke 
A. Coley 
N. Collins 
V. Collins 
M. Conlan 
W. Blakeman 
R. Cotter 

C. Cowan 
L. Curley 
S. Curley 

D. DeGiacomo 
J. DeLisle 
P. Dillon 
J. DiTullio 
R. Donahue 
R. D'Onofrio 

A. Donovan 
M. Douglass 

B. Driscoll 
M. Durkin 
S. Emmons 
M. Facey 
P. Farren 

D. Farwell 

E. Ferreira 
L. Firhtner 
R. Fion 
J. Flanagan 
A. Fox 
L. Francis 
W. Frieson 
E. Gainor 
A. Gilmore 
L. Guiliano 
R. Hellar 
M. Tosi 
L. Townley 
L. Travers 
E. Watkins 

A. Wat£on 
W. Wesaloski 
R. West 
M. Whelan 

B. White 
W. White 
J. Williams 

B. Winn 
M. Winn 
E. Winston 
S. Wirth 

C. Yaeger 
C. Young 
M. Zappdo 
E. Tedeschi 



E. O'Leary 
M. Winchester 
L. Glynn 
N. Goff 
P. Graham 
J. Grisdale 
M. Hall 
A. Haskell 
A. Hawes 
D. Hoffman 
J. Hollingshead 
C. Holt 
G. Howl 
C. Hoy 
G. Hurlbut 

C. Hurtig 

D. James 
M. Johnson 
P. Karoff 
D. Keefe 
P. Kelleher 
S. Ketcham 
R. Killion 
L. Klier 

R. Kravelte 
J. Lagrolleria 
L. Livingston 

D. Londergan 
J. Mack 

E. Madge 
R. Madigan 
P. Mairhle 

J. McKinnon 
G. Lagrotteria 
M. Lahage 
R. Hammonds 
S. Maynard 
L. McAdams 
K. McArthur 

A. McCarthy 
G. McCarthy 
L. McCarthy 

B. McCool 
M. McGinnis 
M. McGinnis 
W. McMahon 
M. McNabb 
R. McPherson 
J. Mitchell 

S. Mitchell 
D. Munro 
R. Nardo 
L. Neagle 
S. Nichols 
D. O'Brien 
M. O'Brien 
K. O'Brien 
M. Patrolia 
P. Patrolia 
R. Patrolia 
S. Pffaffman 
J. Piepenbrink 
R. Plank 
W. Polito 
P. Power 

G. Ricketts 
L. Ritter 
R. Rogers 
R. Rosano 

C. Fletcher 
M. Saldi 
T. Salerno 

D. Schramn 
J. Shannon 
S. Sinopoli 
J. Stanford 
R. Suddath 

H. Taylor 
A. Snowdale 

D. Streeter 
N. Sulivan 

E. Tedeschi 

Kelleher, N. 
Kjer, L. 
Kraft, D. 
Kurtz, E. 
Ladendorf, K. 
Lagrotteria, T. 
Leach, M. 
Leggat, E. 
Norris, T. 
O'Leary, D. 
Schlaider. D. 
Quinlan, M. 
Lahage, J. 
Dennis, C. 
Lincoln, J. 
Linsley, K. 
Londergan, M. 
MacDonald, S. 
MacLure, H. 
Madigan, P. 
Mark, A. 
Marsh, H. 
Martone, A. 
McAdams, L. 
McCarthy, L. 
McCloskey, K. 
McCormick, C. 
McDonald, E. 
McNeill, C. 
McPherson, C. 
Morse, R. 
Nardo, J. 
Nash, J. 
Neagle. L. 
Neelon, K. 
Obrien, B. 
O'Rourke, A. 
O'Rourke, M. 
Page, C. 
Parsiale, T. 
Peroncello, J. 
Perry, B. 
Porter, J. 
Pratt, W. 
Price, E. 
Quilly, P. 
Ramsay, S. 
Randall, W. 
Riley, C. 
Roebuck, A. 
Ross, D. 
Ross, W. 
Roy, J. 
Ryan, J. 
Ryan, R. 
Salerno, C. 
Salvador, K. 
Sandblom, S. 
Sargent. D. 
Sartan, M. 
Seavey, G. 
Sastito, C. 
Seltino, M. 
Sinopoli, S. 
Sladen. S. 
Smith, L. 
Smith, R. 
Stover, C. 
Stover, C. 
Tebbelts, J. 
Tewksbury, T. 
Thomas. L. 
Thompson, M. 
Tilden, D. 
Topper, R. 
Trask, C. 
Twaddle, M. 
Wesloski, M. 
Whclaw, J. 
Woods, J. 
Zotos, M. 





A D E 

Anderson C. 

Livingstone, R. 

Ashjian, G. 

Lyons, K. 

Atwood, E. 

Lyons, L. 

Baird. J. 

Mackinnon, M. 

Barrow, S. 

Macklin, B. 

Barlow, M. 

Marsden, W. 

Basmajian, J. 

Marsh, W. 

Bell. D. 

Mcintosh, P. 

Bellefonlaine. M. 

Rogers, K. 

Besse, J. 

Ryan, R. 

Bishop. E. 

Sadler, J. 

Blair. L. 

Salvador, C. 

Bobo. K. 

Seastrom, M. 

Bouknight, C. 

Barton. L. 

Bo wen. J. 

Hassan. A. 

Branagan, P. 

Joseph. E. 

Brennock, C. 

Kern, J. 

Briggs. S. 

Livingston, B. 

Buckley. J. 

Sargent, K. 

Bukciey. K. 

Schlacter, H. 

Cahill. J. 

Schramn, H. 

Cahill. S. 

Scott, K. 

Callahan. G. 

Seavey, D. 

Carroll. A. 

Sheehy, T. 

Carroll. L. 

Silvia, D. 

Caller. B. 

Silvia. D. 

Catrabone. .1. 

Smith, C. 

Chisholm. R. 

Spall. G. 

Cifrino, S. 

Stanford. S. 

Chambers, H. 

St. John, M. 

White. J. 

Stover, D. 

Norris. V. 

Studley, E. 

Bullock. A. 

Sullivan, M. 

Harling. E. 

Sweeney, S. 

Carroll. M. 

Taylor, E. 

Coe. M. 

Taylor, L. 

Coleman. W. 

Tedeschi, J. 

Cone, J. 

Thayer, W. 

Cooper, J. 

Tosi, Cr 

Colter. A. 

Towie, H. 

Cotter. D. 

Trask, M. 

Curelli. K. 

Trettis, N. 

Curle\ . J. 

Tye. A. 

Curie). E. 

Vanderlugt, V. 

Curran. D. 

Viola. J. 

Curran. M. 

Walls. J. 

Daniels. K. 

Walsh, R. 

Davis. M. 

Walsh, R. 

Davis. M. 

Washburn, D. 

Dean, J. 

White, A. 

Dickson. L. 

Whitney, D. 

Dillon. K. 

Winn, K. 

Dogget. D. 

Yeager, R. 

Dolan. M. 

Tedeschi, D. 

Donahue. D. 

Donnelly, J. 

Doole\, M. 

McCarthy, R. 

Dougertv, J. 

McCollough, J. 

Douglas, G, 

McGugan, A. 

Drago. L. 

McNiel, M. 

Drake. R. 

McNulty, S. 

Driscoll. E. 

McPherson, D. 

Ellis. S. 

Meallo, G. 

Emanueilo. J. 

Millard, S. 

Evans. P. 

Montori, L. 

Ferreira, T. 

Mulhern, R. 

Figueredo, JC. 

Neelon, D. 

Fink. M. 

O'Brien, N. 

Kowl, C. 

O'Conner, C. 

Wagner, ^ . 

Omer, J. 

Donnelly, J. 

0"Rourke. F. 

Fletcher, R. 

O'Rourke, T. 

Foster, M. 

Parziale, M. 

Freda, M. 

Patrolia, D. 

Gilmore, S. 

Patrolia. M. 

Gleaves, K. 

Patrolia. P. 

Gray ken, V. 

Pennington. R. 

Perroncello. D. 

Gunviile. P. 

Polilo. R. 


Porter. R. 

Hamill, L. 

Powers. R. 

Hart, M. 

Pratt. D. 

Hatch, S. 

Quinerly. C. 

Hobbs. W. 

Randall. J. 

I&abelie, J. 

Reardon. P. 

Jackman, P. 

Reynolds. W. 

Kearney, J. 

Rice. R. 

Kelley, K. 

Roberts. J. 

Kelley, W. 

Whelan, A. 

Knighi, K. 

Yeaton. N. 

Kravette, S. 

Lewis, P. 



Quarlerbark, Defensive Halfback 
"Let's have a little poppin' in here 


Halfl)a( k. Monster Man 
Give em a lep and take it away. " 

First Row: Coach McDerniott, G. K<'aling, M. Libby, G. Hoffman, B. SiiMi- 
van. M. Walls, K. McCullounh. J. Omar, P. O'Brien, C. Almeida. Second 
Rotv: B. Bell, P. Anderson, J. McDonald, T. Cifrino, R. Sawyer, T. Calorio, 
D. Londernan, J. Sargent, V. Sullivan, J. Buckley, P. Rooney. Third Rotv: 


Offensive and Defensive Tackle 

"Ain't no sunshine, only iLtrkness when 

we lose. " 



Dub's camp ... 6 pieces of 
tape . . . Fourth Quarter Club 
. . . Gipp and Ike . . . Victory 
Parades . . . Think it'll rain? 
Shower Songs . . . Pancaking 
. . . Milligan Swamp . . . 
Thanksgiving Day Game . . . 
Seniors Go Out Winning . . . 
Beat Duxbury 16-8 . . . Dux- 
bury Police Thanksgiving Day 
Trophy . . . Last Speech . . . 
Final Trip to Hull . . . we're a 
team . . . it's over 

Deep psyche 


CHEERING '72-'73 





RAH / : 

First Row: S. Thayer, J. Neagle, K. White, K. Anderson, E. Phippen, L. Fesler. Second Row: K. Linsley, K. 
Tewksbury, R. MrKinnel. C. Hurtig, B. Faber. A. Enos, J. Basmajian. 

Li mmn 











0- 1 

2- 1 


1- 1 












First Row: A. Gilmore, L. Guiliano, S. 
Almeida, L. Amos, C. Hoy, A. Watson. 
Second Row: S. Smith, M. Hall, A. 
Donovan, M. Abbruzzeze, M. McKinnell, 
C. Almeida, L. Murray, I. Gjesteby, A. 
McCarthy, E. Block. Third Row: Mrs. 
Keeley, S. Randall, L. Curley, N. Goff, 
K. MacArthur, B. Marsden, A. Haskell, 
S. Boscow, A. Fox, H. Harrington, E. 
Streeter, L. Bailey, P. Bowen, P. 


Miss Babaian's 8th 
year of Varsity coach- 
ing proved to be her 
finest. After 4 years of 
second place finishes, 
she and her team cap- 
tured their first South 
Shore League title. 
Miss Babaian felt it 
was the "110% effort 
and teamwork" that 
distinguished this club 
from of the past. 
Even though the coach 
is losing six starters, 
this is what she has to 
look forward to . . . 

. . . Mrs. Kealey 
coached the J.V. to its 
second straight unde- 
feated and unscored 
upon season. As she 
enters her ninth year 
of coaching, let's hope 
she can keep her 
streak alive! 


RECORD (7-9) 

Standing: G. Ricketts, M. Delaney, T. Cowan, K. Goggin, G. St. John, B. Hines, A. Buck- 
ley, C. Smith, R. Macintosh, K. Schlacter, R. Steele, M. Colleton, J. Barlow, W. White, B. 
Jackson, K. O'Brien. Kneeling: Coach Fortin, J. Wilson, P. McCarthy, J. Roberts, J. Patty- 
son, G. Brown, D. Jones, J. Donze, B. Miller, S. Hubbell, J. Badger, B. Kiley. 














VO-TECH 10 2 









Kneeling: Jon Sargent and Dave Infusino (co-captains). Standing: J. Pratt, B. Buckley, J. Badger, B. O'Rourke, V. Deal, R. Sawyer, C. Schlacter, B. 
Miller, Coach Chatterton. 


Standing: M. McCarthy, M. Libby, R. Kurtz, A. Buckley, P. McNulty, J. Lxjngo, Coach Schultz. Kneeling: M. Walls, B. Hines, P. Alexander, B. Lyons, 
J. Dooley. 


This year's basketball team was the finest in Cohasset's history. Through the first eighteen games, the team won 12 
games; quahfied for the State Tournament; and estabUshed itself as one of the favorites to win the Divisional Champion- 
ship. Some of the high points of the season were: the scoring of 18 straight points to upset Middleboro on their home 
floor; Jon Sargent scoring 1000 career points; and Cohasset's unbelievable, heart-stopping, come from behind victory 
over Hanover to qualify for the "tech." 

Some unpleasant memories were: 2 frustrating defeats to Norwell, including a 25 foot shot at the buzzer to defeat 
Cohasset. Also, David Infusino's injury in the Hull game, which undoubtedly cost Cohasset 2 or 3 more wins, and Jeff 
Pratt's "chicken pox." 

David Infusino and Jon Sargent received the Most Valuable Player award; Vaughn Deal and the Unsung Hero; and 
Rick Sawyer and Jeff Pratt the "Most Team Spirit" award. Bob O'Rourke received the "Most Improved Player" award. 

This team has given the students and faculty many exciting moments and a contagious feeling of pride to be part of 
Cohasset High School. 




Left Wing 

"Get the puck out of here. 



"Hey, on my team?' 

Standing: S. Keating, P. Carmody, Coach MacDermott, T. Cowan, P. Graham, C. Keating, B. Flynn, P. Farren, J. Conte, M. Delaney, R. Patrolia, M. Johnson, 
Coach Walsh, G. St. John, J. McCullough. Kneeling: B. Livinstone, G. Hoffman, D. Londergan, W. White, P. Donovan, B. Paris, K. McCullough. 


D. Londergan * Willie White * Billy Livingstone 


Pat Farren * Kevin McCullough * Paul Donovan 


Tommy Cowan * Doona Delaney * Greg Hoffman 


Mr. Walsh * Mr. MacDermott 


"Let me at him!" 

"I can even do it with my eyes closed." 

This year's Cohasset Hockey team had 
problems because there were very few 
returning experienced players. The squad 
was composed mainly of freshmen and 
sophomores with only four juniors and 
three seniors. The entire second line was 
made up of sophomores including Matt 
Delaney, Tommy Cowan, and either 
Bunky Flynn, Peter Graham or Greg Hoff- 
man. Other underclassmen playing on 
defense are: Jack Cont, Pat Ferran, Kevin 
McCullough and Gus Keating. Paul Car- 
mody improved tremendously after start- 
ing out the season with very little experi- 
ence — he was backed up in the goal by 
Murdoch Johnson, a freshman. Paul 
Donovan, the mainstay of the defense, and 
Billy Livingstone, a junior provided some 
experience for the defense. Willy White 
and Dave Londergan, two seniors, along 
with Bob Paris, a new junior make up the 
first line; which incidentally did the 
majority of the scoring for the team. The 
squad ended up with an 7-6 record, and is 
looking forward to its tournament in Bur- 
lington, Vermont. 

Dunny starts out. 

"Hondo's got his eyes on the puck for a 


Kneeling: J. Badger. R. Sawyer, B. Miller, D. Infusino, B. Signorelli, S. Tibbets, J. Pratt, J. Sargent. Standing: Coach Collins, M. 
DiCiacamo, M. Trask, J. Longo, P. Anderson, J. Buckley, P. Rooney, J. Dooley, J. Rosano, Coach Chatterton. 

Kni-iiiiif: I li.iw. fi, W Marsh, R. Mulhern, S. Briggs, 
T. Shchy. Back Rou: B. Coleman, W. Hobbs, R, Palrio- 
lia, H. Schramm, R. Rice, J. Walls, B. Macklin. 

The 1972 baseball season brought the Cohasset Varsity nine 
its first championship since 1966. Nine members of the Class 
of 1973 were on that championship team. At some time during 
that season each of the juniors started at least one game; five of 
those ball players found themselves in the starting lineup dur- 
ing most of the season. 

With the coming of the 1973 season these nine young men 
should lead the Cohasset Skippers to another fine season. On 
the mound three senior hurlers should acquit themselves well; 
Jon Sargent, Jeff Pratt, and Bryan Miller all have enough expe- 
rience under their belts to give the mound corps plenty of 
help. Behind the plate Jeff Badger and Dave Londergan will 
comprise a senior backstop duo, while an all senior infield 
could be put together with Rick Sawyer, Steve Tibbetts, Dave 
Infusino, and Jon Sargent. In the outfield Bill Signorelli and 
Jeff Pratt could lead a senior contingent. With some good 
material from this year's junior class the senior baseball players 
of the class of 1973 should lead the Cohasset baseball squad to 
a fine winning season. 

Coach Franey, Randy Steele, Karl Schlacter, Jon Roberts, Danny Jones, Tony Cifrino, Barry Mines, Chris Gould, Gary Hurlburt. 


Standing: Coach Davis, S. Foster, P. Feran, B. Driscoll, S. Stanfor, B. Clark, S. Davis, J. Bennett, A. Buckley, B. Johnson, F. Veccihone, M. Brownell, 
Coach O'Neil. Kneeling: M. Patroha, H. Taylor, R. Watkins, K. Reever, K. Kelly, S. Smith, D. Basmajian, G. Brown, G. Baccari. 

Kalhy Kurt Steve 

On Tuesday, February 27, 1973, the Cohasset Skip- 
pers played Bishop Feehan in its first State Basketball 
Tournament game ever. Although Feehan won 49-46, 
the Skippers by no means disgraced themselves. 
Tough defense and balanced scoring enabled Cohasset 
to take a six-point lead at halftime. The final outcome 
was in doubt until Feehan converted two freethrows 
with three seconds left in the game. 

It was a hard way to end the season, but the team 
was proud to have accomplished something which no 
other Cohasset team has ever done! 

Sarge receives the game ball and congratulations after becoming the first 
player in Cohasset's history to score 1000 points. 

Photos courtesy of The Quincy Patriot Ledger. 




Natalie Young leaves Mr. Hart the latest edition of "Poke Jokes." 

Linda Conte leaves the words to "Tonight's The Night." 

Katie Fitzpatrick leaves a green frisbie to Mr. Emmons. 

Susan Sadler leaves her nickname to anyone that wants it! 

Carol Hurtig leaves a lock of her hair to Bill Lord. 

Karla Rose leaves HO in peace. 

Jon Wilson leaves his smoking jacket to whoever can handle the fumes. 

Sheila Madigan leaves running from Mr. Erickson. 

Bonnie Kehoe leaves Mr. Campbell with no one to buy him donuts 2nd period. 

Steve Hubbell leaves Harry with no trumpeters who have any class. 

Paul Donovan leaves a bit more cautious and wise. 

Michelle Kjer leaves her amazing attendance record to Lisa. 

Jeff Badger leaves Mr. Fortin a bunch of dinks. 

Marcia Jordan leaves with a laugh. 

Rolf Gjesteby leaves his wooden shoes and "Scandinavian women." 

Kathy Kelley leaves her electric track shorts. 

Diane Howorth leaves her crush on Mr. Collins for someone else. 

Dan Jones leaves the undisputed skiing crown to Zap. 

Sue Cone leaves a dry comb for all the wetheads. 

Paul McCarthy leaves one slightly used benchies pad to anyone who needs it. 

Dave Infusino leaves Mr. Chatterton some fresh hot dogs to sell. 

Nina Steele leaves Randy dying of frost heaves and D's puns. 

Dan Basmajian leaves the Armenian Princesses to any eligible Armenian king. 

Jon Roberts leaves his SAT scores to anyone who wants to pay the price. 

Karen Tewksbury leaves a poster-making machine. 

Jody Thaxter leaves a handful of rose petals. 

Billy Signorelli leaves his strut to Mr. Collins if he can handle it. 

Bryan Miller leaves an anti-sluggish pill to the 1974 soccer team. 

Mimo Haskell leaves the top of her car somewhere between Pond Street and Bergson's. 

Roberta McKinnell leaves Meg all alone. 

Robin Wilmore leaves a Do-Do for two more years. 

Ronnie Watkins leaves much to be desired. 

Steve Kelley leaves the school to Mr. MacDonald to try and figure out. 

Carol Paine leaves permanently finally. 

Heather Munroe leaves my younger brother David to all for three more years. 

Andy Cifrino leaves two box tops to the Junior class. 

Anne Mack leaves a spelling book to Jimmy. 

Jacky Kurtz leaves her sisterhood to Brother Julius. 

Judy Topper leaves Clark and his "bringing things out in the open with MW" 

Eileen O'Connell leaves Margaret to get by the beach on her own. 

Maureen O'Brien leaves a pack to Dianne and a package to Monica. 

Beverly McLaughlin leaves a kiss for Mr. Davis. 


John Pattyson leaves a lot of good raves. 

Carol Hurtig leaves her super spikes to the track team. 

Giustina Saldi leaves Mr. Davis a bottle of dishwashing liquid for his cup. 

Nancy Bowen leaves her platform shoes to anyone they'll fit. 

Dave Londergan leaves a package to Clark, Ed, Tricky Dicky, and Liv for next year. 

Kathy Fox leaves with overflowing wildness as usual. 

Yvonne Branden leaves with a hope of coming back. 

Tom Calorio leaves his knee brace to Buck. 

Kurt Rever leaves Mr. Fed his moustache, and the C.H.S. girls his memory. 

Polly Dusossoit leaves New Year's Day to Wild Women. 

Rick Sawyer leaves a size IOV2 for Frank and the Big John to Big Ed. 

Anne Enos leaves Miss Babaian an extra CVS bag. 

Colin Francis leaves a book on how to leave school for lunch and not get caught. 

Jeff Donze leaves the Lost Resort submerged in a lost Lost River. 

Mary Cotter leaves her picture of Derek to the highest bidder. 

Bruce Kiley leaves Mr. Fortin a signature stamp. 

Debbie Nast leaves Mr. Gilmartin a life supply of chicken eggs. 

Bill Lord leaves his facial hair to Betsy Fig. 

Steve Blair leaves gladly. 

J. B leaves for the store. 

Stephen Keefe leaves on the Orient Express for Transylvania. 

Mary O'Hayre leaves a waft. 

Bob Higgins leaves two years of Chunky's fudge factoring to anyone 

who wants to take it. 

Jon Sargent leaves Beechwood to anyone who wants it. 

Kathy Oliver leaves Mr. Collins an unabridged copy of Moby Duck. 

Vaughn Deal leaves Mr. Walsh a foot calculator. 

Bill Kearney leaves his books to the school. 

Amy MacLure leaves a V8 to whoever will take it. 

Alison Woods leaves five more years of another Woods. 

Randy Boscow leaves a blue-eyed, no-nosed nothing. 

Nappy Plank leaves all the little girls saying "see you in a couple of years!" 

Joan Lantz leaves a clean cup to Mr. Davis. 

David Karoff leaves his face to Pierce Cray. 

Nick Ripley leaves Mr. Erbe another fun-filled Physics class. 

Jill Duncan leaves Little Brother and the Brewster Road MOB the keys to the 

Dordmobile and a full tank of gas. 

Joe Walsh leaves a (broken) Bubbler. 

Willy White leaves for a party at THE WHITE HOUSE. 

Kathy McCarthy leaves, being early for a change, right Betty? 

Brian Prendergast leaves Danny with luck. 

Terry Prescott leaves the Datsun for Joan to push home. 

Susan Fernalld leaves without forgetting anything, I hope. 




What could be a better place for our 15th class reunion than good 'ole Sandy Beach? Although years have passed, not 
much has changed; even the burns remain. We planned an early start this morning, but it seems some took this a bit too 
literally. Rolf Gjesteby, Jeff Donze, David Karoff, Kathy Fox, and Linda Thayer, notorious "Polar Bears," were found 
nearly frozen by the Welcoming Committee from their morning dip. John Francis, Steve Tibbetts, Steve Blair, Carl 
Berens, and Phil Thayer were also here at the crack of dawn . . . 

News flash!!! Bonnie Kehoe and Sheila Madigan were recently demoted from TV newscasters to writers for the South 
Shore News and will be taking notes today. They were fired from their prestigious positions for saying "Hi" to Mr. 
Reade during the 11 o'clock news. 

Bill "the brains" Signorelli, Tom "the Mangier" Calorio, and Ed "pretty boy" Sorrentino, headquartered in Belfast, 
Maine, have just arrived in black Cadillacs to make Cohasset "an offer they can't refuse." These distinguished-looking 
gentle(?)men are wearing suits designed and tailored by Roberta McKinnell. 

CRASH!!! Jill Duncan has had another accident. The nurse squad, Paula D'Onofrio, Eileen Sullivan, Anne Enos, 
Debbie Nast, Mimo Haskell, and Linda Kraft rush to the scene with none other than our "ladies man" Dr. Kurt Rever, 
not far behind. Luckily for Jill, Dan Basmajian, Armenian witch doctor, isn't around. How can Diane Howorth and 
David Londergan get sunburns at a time like this? . . . The whole medical staff is busy arguing over Jill. For a minute I 
thought Brian Prendegast had one too, but I guess he's just blushing. Carol Paine is arriving just in time from the 
Cohasset Colonial Pharmacy equipped with the real painkiller, Solarpaine. Liz Viola, Debbie Jones, Linda Conte, and 
Susan Sadler have arrived too late from the Cushing Plaza Pharmacy. 

While on the subject of health, it seems Greta Towle's horses have contracted a strange disease, and she's seeking 
advice from veterinarians Sandy Carter and Pam Hood. Sadly enough Tom Glynn's turkeys have the same sickness. 
Fortunately, Judy Topper has offered to take blood samples to her medical lab, and if need be Leslie Ahearn is on hand 
to give physical therapy to man or beast. 

Karen Farrell, Giustina Saldi, and Pat Patterson, top New York models, and renowned hairdresser, Annette Hayden, 
have just arrived, and all the males are staring trancelike in their direction. I don't think anything is really wrong, but 
Swedish eye specialist, Yvonne Branden, is preparing herself just in case. 

It's a good thing we have so many medical pros around today because Karen Tewks and Dave Infusino, Phys. Ed. 
teachers at CHS, have decided it's about time for exercises. One . . . Two . . . Three . . . Four . . . UGH!!! How long 
can this go on? 

A rousing baseball game has begun in the parking lot with Fred Higgens leading the Hillside gang and Dave Cogill 
heading up the Beechwoodites. With such greats as Scott Herzog and "little" Dan Ainslie, the contest seems to be a one- 
sided one. Watch out for the burns!!! Oh, well, call in Dr. Rever. 

Amidst all the confusion Mark Hellar is adamantly trying to impress on the businessmen of our class how he still 
hasn't worked a day in his life. Mark is in the higher income bracket because he enjoys watching the natives dive for 
quarters. This doesn't compare with the National Sporting Goods Corporation which is making millions under the super- 
vision of President Rick Sawyer, stationed in New Orleans, Vice President Jon Sargent in San Diego, and Steve Hubbell, 
Chairman of the Board in Salt Lake City. As director of maintenance Jeff Pratt is also a valuable asset. Jeff Badger, the 
millionaire corporate lawyer, enjoys flying from office to office to keep things in order. Rick and Jon have hired fellow 
classmates, Joan Lantz and Valerie Madge, as their personal secretaries. Polly Dusossoit, still an "Appasionatta" at heart, 
has become Steve's secretary after he spent years searching for the right girl. Bryan Miller, a southern business tycoon, 
is scheming to run the whole company out of business. 

The business world is even booming right here in Cohasset. Sam Spinzola, Jayne Figueredo, Katie Fitzpatrick, and Nat 
Young, lifetime A&P meatpackers, just "steered" in along with head bundleboy, Paul McCarthy. Karia Rose, current 
manager of Woolworth's pet department, and Sue Cone, owner of the Red Lion Inn, are discussing money problems with 
successful businessman, Carold Brownell. 

Kathy Oliver, proud owner of Cohasset News Company, has banned Mad mfigazine from her stands, and Paul Donovan 


is handling her law suit against Jody Thaxter, editor of Mad. Working with Jody are Mike Smith, Nappy Plank, Mary 
O'Hayre, Jim Benedict, and Kendall DeLong, but they aren't the only ones fearful of losing jobs. Becky Patrolia, Sharon 
MacDonald, Andy Cifrino, and Celine DeSantis, who have always displayed a certain uniqueness, have put it to use by 
creating self-characters in that controversial magazine. This scandalous lawsuit all stems back from pornographic artwork 
done by CHS's own Robin Wilmore, Dave Alexander, and Nancy Bowen. 

At one end of the beach, the elite Cohasset Country Club members are gathered, deep in Discussion about what Jon 
Wilson and Bob Higgins wrote about John Pattyson's tennis and Tony Difrino's golf in Sports Illustrated last month. 
Mary Chittim is following them around as usual. Willy White, new owner of Stowe Away stores, is trying to sell his 
newest line in tennis rackets and golf balls. You know it's too bad the golfers lost Jon Roberts to the Mormons and he 
currently has 18 wives, working on the 19th. 

Despite the confusion, everyone's appetites are hearty, and Kathy McCarthy has had Chinese food shipped from her 
own restaurant in Moscow. Sharon Winchester and Michelle Kjer are helping her with the serving. Dixie Duggan has 
kindly supplied Mammy's own Yokumberry Tonic, so no one is thirsty to say the least. Carol Hurtig's Maine lobsters are 
contentedly chasing Frank Sullivan while he not-so-contentedly is belting out a verse of "Help." The lobsters were to be 
eaten, but no one dares disturb their fun. Although Frank is undoubtedly the featured entertainer today, we also have 
guitar playing and singing by Joe Fisher, Bill Lord, and Sue Coleman's husband, Elvis. 

Just think, Beth Muir has been married almost 15 years now! By the sound of things she is soon to become a mother 
for. the 15th time, since she is discussing an addition to her house, with builder Steve Kelley. 

What's this? A crowd has gathered at the water's edge. Why, it's Kathy Kelley sailing in on her boat, the 
"Moonbeam," and she's waving around the America cup for everyone to see. Ahoy, Kathy. I understand she and Nina 
Steele have just sailed around the world in 80 days and they have brought messages back from some class of '73 
members who are unable to make it today. Wow, some of our classmates are in the strangest places. Peter Pratt and 
Steve Keefe are in Vietnam fighting for the Viet Cong and Eileen O'Connell has sent prayers for us all. She is still in the 
convent. Marcia Jordan and Susan Fernalld are still in Africa, although they will try to make at least some of the 
festivities. Here they come now, descending upon the beach in a balloon. What perfect timingi It seems a few trees are 
posing a problem, but our own Vaugn Deal, 7'2" center for the Boston Celtics, is helping them down with no trouble at 
all. Beverly McLaughlin and Karen Linsley can't make it as they will be staying abroad for a while longer. Greg Brown 
and Dan Jones, confirmed winter ski bums and summer bikies, have just pulled up on their Husky 400s, and I imagine 
shortly we'll hear some good raving from them. 

Not to be outdone in the category of strange arrivals, Anne Mack, Jacky Kurtz, Barrie Faber, and Maureen O'Brien 
are coming in for a landing in their own plane, piloted by none other than Nick Ripley. Evidently named after Steve 
Moulton, it has "Superfly" written all over it, but by the looks of the landing the plane isn't all that super. 

We have just realized that Terry Prescott and Amy MacLure haven't made the scene yet, and I guess the Datson died 
again. Randy Boscow has kindly offered to go see what the trouble is, with his faithful Toyota. 

I heard through the grapevine that Linda Nickerson and Debbie Thompson are having trouble getting here from their 
Hull apartments and Steve Smith has brought along his pocket IBM computor to figure out how long it will take them to 
walk. He's also calculating how long it will take Heather Munroe, Jean Willworth, and Alison Woods to hitchhike from 

I must say I'm catching bits of some strange conversations and I'm afraid to ask Joe Walsh what kind of an experi- 
ment he was talking about a while ago. Shh ... I think I've begun listening in on a real good one now. Mary Cotter, 
dean of admissions at B.C. is engaged in a heated discussion with Hanard's Bruce Kiley, over which school has a better 
football team this year. I just asked Ronny Watkins what his opinion is but he doesn't seem to want to comment. Wait a 
minute, things are getting a little out of hand I'd say, as a few fist fights have broken out on the matter. It's a good thing 
we have Bill Kearney and Colin Francis on hand, as chief officers in the military, to keep things in order. 

What has caused the sudden hush to come over the gathering? It isn't JoAnn Churchill trying to break up the event, is 
it? She's the first woman cop in Cohasset — just carrying on the family tradition. Well, I guess it's about time for us to 
go on home anyway, as the sun is beginning to set over good 'ole Sandy. It's been a lot of fun, though, seeing everyone 
again and doing things just like old times. Sure, it's been 15 years, but everything's still the same, really. After all, even 
the burrs remain, so things couldn't be too different, could they? 

Row 1: B. Pfaffman, J. Sargent, S. Hubbell, J. Badger, S. Ketcham, M. Laugelle, M. Kravette. Rou' 2: J. Pratt, D. Nast, D. Jones, N. 
Steele, M. Winn, R. Watkins, G. Guiliano, H. Taylor, J. Catler, L. Fichtner, Mr. Rogers. Row 3: L. Branagan, M. Russell, R. Kravette, 
D. Basmajian, L. Viola, A. Woods, H. Monroe, S. Almeida, L. Guilano, A. Buckley, E. Tewksbury. Row 4: C. Hurtig, B. Higgins, B. 
Kiley, D. Streeter, J. Shannon, A. Watson, T. Chiasson, M. Laugelle, K. Healy, C. Marks. Row 5: B. McMahon, M. Buckley, M. 
Stanford, R. Yokum, D. Keefe, L. Dickson, S. Blossom, S. Curley. 

M. Benedict, Miss B«Tman, K. Enos, M. Dilmar, D. B. Lyons, K. Killion, L. Fcstler, E. Sullivan, M. 

Keefe, E. Gainor, M. Buckley, S. Atkinson, J. Kern Trask, Mr. Crytzer (advisor) 


s c 

E H 
I R 
R S 



Row 1: L. Fichtner, A. Gilmore, G. Guiliano, E. Tewks- 
bury, S. Curley, S. Randall. Row 2: J. Fisher, L. Brana- 
gan, M. Buckley, J. Mitchell, J. Grisdale, A. Enos, B. 
Phippen. S. Snyder, M. Buckley, L. Fesler. Row 3: M. 
Trask, S. Ketcham, L. Wilmouth, A. Buckley, F. Sulli- 
van, J. Kern, D. Keefe, P. D'Onofrio, A. Woods, Miss 




H. Chase, M. Twaddle, A. Martone, S. Atkinson, K. 
Brennock, J. Donnely, E. Curley, P. Durant, M. Dit- 
mar. Row 2: S. Guiliano, J. Besse, B. Leggat, L. 
Smith, K. Curelli, S. Hart, M. Sarian, P. Flanagan, 
S. Dillon. Row 3: K. Dixon, C. Finch, M. 
McKinnon, M. Fink, L. Kjer, Miss Burman, M. Far- 
rell, P. Madigan, A. Tye, W. Atwood, M. O'Rourke. 












S. Linsley, K. Killion, K. Fox, L. TTiayer, G. Brown, C. Duggan, S. Linsley, S. Fox, J. Thaxter, J. Donze, R. Gjsteby, B. 
Lord, Mrs. Barrington (advisor), B. Kiley, D. Karoff, P. Karoff. 


Row 1: G. Ashjian, J. Porter, B. Keane, T. Tewksbury, C. Hoffman, A. Belfontaine, G. Seavey, C. Abbruzze, K. 
Winn, L. Neagle, D. Dogget, Mr. Bowman. Row 2: M. Foster, J. Sadler, L. Carroll, P. Hurtig, S. Atkinson, D. 
Jones, A. O'Rourke, B. O'Brien, L. Smith, N. Kelleher, L. Taylor, L. Montuori, J. Buckley. Row 3: A. Tye, J. 
Basmajian, A. Cotter, P. Branagan, J. Shooshan, M. Fink, M. Dunn, S. Dillion, K. Page, K. Brennock, J. Viola, 
M. Coe, E. Atwood. Row 4: J. Blakeman, S. Stanford, J. Bowen, R. White, J. Woods, B. Catler, B. Bowen, J. Hoy, 

A. McCormack, P. Madigan, B. Blossom, H. Schlacter, K. Daniels, N. Trettis, K. Smith. 133 



G. Spalt, S. McNulty, A. Whelan, D. Doggett, P. Rear- 
don, J. Basmajian, P. Gunville, L. Harris, J. Roberts, W. 
Marsh, P. Madigan, S. Briggs, M. St. John, B. Bowen, J. 





Row 1: C. Collins, R. Frankel. Row 2: M. Zotos, R. 
Nardo, B. O'Rourke, J. Lagrotteria, S. Smith, J. Duncan, 
P. Alexander, E. Knight, J. Barlow. Row 3: Mr. O'Neil 



S U 
E D 
N E 
I N 
O T 


H O 




Row 1: N. Ripley, M. Bu< kle>, J. Pallyson, J. Rosano, G. Brown, B. Mines, M. Libby. R. Sawyer. Row 2: I. Gjesteby, 
J. Sargent. M. Cotter, S. Keefe, K. Vox. J. McNabb. Row 3: T. Infusino, K. While, R. Cotter, K. Collins, K. Golden, 
B. Mines, R. Madigan, Mr. Cedarholm (advisor). Row 4: D. O'Brien, L. McAdams, A. Donovan, S. Dunn. 



A L 
E B 




L. Guilianu, R. Phippen, t. I'ewksbury, Miss Gray, L. 
Wilmorth, G. Guiliano, M. Faeey. 

Mrs. Glover, C. Salvadorr, J. Manlun, M. Foster, K. 
MeCloskey, P. Benson, Mrs, Wunsehel, L. Guiliano, K. 
Salvador, K. Donahue, L. Lyons. 


Row 1: K. Tewksbury, J. Kern, L. Thayer, N. Steele, C. Hurtig, E. Tewksbury, R. Almeida. K. Keil\. Ron 2: R. 
Higgins, B. Bell. J. Barlow. B. Mines, J. Badger, B. Kiley. 

Sluing: R. McKinnell, D. Howorth, B. Faber, L. Viola, W. Woods, Branagan, M. Russell, S. Kravette, Mr. Shee- 

D. Jones, L. Conte, E. O'Connell, J. Kurtz. han, D. Thompson, R. Kravette, N. Kelleher, E. Tewks- 

Standing: E. Tewksbury, A. Enos, P. D'Onofrio, K. bury, R. Walsh. 

Rever, K. Rose, N. Young, Z. MacDonald, S. Sadler, K. 

SiUing: N. Young, K. FiUpatrick, S. MarDonald, L. Conle, Hon- I: L. F"i-hl. r, S Ki lli v, 1' I'larcc, K. Golden, M. 

K. Rose, Mr. Fi-deriro (advisor), C. DeSantis, M. Trellis, P. Lynch, K. Martin, P. Anioine. Row 2: S. MrAulhur, I.. 

Anioine, S. Kelley, H. Taylor, K. Oliver, C. Duggan, G. Laugelle, M. Treltis, C. Shea. Row 3: R. Phaffman, R. 

Brown. Standing: P. Quilly, M. G)llilon, K. Fielding, D. Yeager. B. Clark, R. Mcintosh. 
Jones, D. Babmajian, A. Wesoloski. 


Yearbook Staff 

Maureen, Mary, Siggy, Bucketts, Bonnie, Nat, Leslie, Judy, Bryan, Terry, Berta, Sheila, Carol, Tewks, Nick, Nina. 



138 Amy "Where did it go?" Marcia J. Yvonne — "Now let me think." Jon R. — A horn spectator. 

Compliments of 



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Ernest Roberts 


. and 

Mrs. John J. Fitzpatrick 


. and 



John F. Sadler 


. and 

Mrs. Arne K. Gjesteby 


. and 



Domenic J. Saldi 


. and 

Mrs. George Herzog 


. and 



Stewert S. Sargent 


. and 

Mrs. Earle Higgins 


. and 



William S. Signorelli 


. and 

Mrs. James F. Higgins 


. and 



Donald Steele 


. and 

Mrs. Paul J. Hoffman 


. and 



Hamilton T. Tewksbury 


. and 

Mrs. Carlton Howorth 


. and 



J. Blake Thaxter 


. and 

Mrs. Robert E. Hubbell 


. and 



Frederick A. Thayer, Jr. 


. and 

Mrs. Carl R. Hurtig 


. and 



John M. Topper 


-. and 

Mrs. Charles Infusino, Jr. 


. and 



Joseph F. Walsh 


■. and 

Mrs. Clifton Jones 


. and 



William B. White 


■. and 

Mrs. Merle R. Jordan 


. and 



Lawrence A. Willwerth 


's. Lucy T. Judd 


. and 



Charles F. Wilmore 


•. and Mrs. Richard J. Karoff 


. and 



John T. Wilson 


•. and Mrs. John E. Keefe 


. and 



Walter K. Winchester 


•. and Mrs. Joseph F. Kehoe 


. and 



John E. Woods 


-. and Mrs. Donald L. Kelley 


s. Dolores 



-. and Mrs. William E. Kelley 


. and Mrs. Henry Young 


•. and Mrs. Peter W. Kjer